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SLs Donation Drive #2

We’re halfway through 9.0 (we at 9.05, yee yee) and it’s that time of the patch again where we need you to fill our holes… in the guild bank! ☝️ Event Details: 4/13 at reset to 5/18 midnight server (1am EST) Donations sent to: Zarie with the mail subject as “GBANK DONATION.” Additionally, raiders may …

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KDSI Season One Ends

MYTHICC’s first keystone dungeon invitational officially ended last Thursday! 🧨 The 9-week long event tracked participants dungeon timers and how much time was left tallied together. Time bonuses were awarded every week to participants as additional incentive to come. With that all being said… we have our winners. The Winners Andramantis at 5:42:30 Aleiya at …

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