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SLs Donation Drive #3

9.1 is finaaally here and it’s that time of the patch again where we need you to fill the guild bank! ☝️ Event Details: 8/3 at reset to 8/24 midnight server (1am EST) Donations sent to: Zarie with the mail subject as “GBANK DONATION.” Additionally, raiders may donate directly to their raid teams by submitting …

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Guild Update and 9.1

Hello everybody! It’s been awhile since we’ve done a guild update and seasonal review because… honestly, it’s probably for the best! This tier has been a DOOZY FLOOZY MAMACITA WOOZY. 😿It’s been 225 DAYS since the expansion launched and 210 of those days were in CN. INSANE 😱 The guild has seen better days but …

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