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Council What? MM ed.

MM knocked the socks off 🧦 these dancing sociopaths last Tuesday. After a staggering 169 pulls… yes… Midnight members were more than happy to see the frolicking blood drinkers kick the bucket. Now firmly, 7/10M, MM joins roughly 4 thousand other guilds worldwide on Mudfister, a typical Wednesday night for Clumsy. Oh, excuse me, I …

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SLs Donation Drive #2

We’re halfway through 9.0 (we at 9.05, yee yee) and it’s that time of the patch again where we need you to fill our holes… in the guild bank! ☝️ Event Details: 4/13 at reset to 5/18 midnight server (1am EST) Donations sent to: Zarie with the mail subject as “GBANK DONATION.” Additionally, raiders may …

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