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The Final KDSI of SL Ends

MYTHICC’s final dungeon invitational of Shadowlands ended on Saturday! The 4-week long event tracked participants through dungeons (between key levels 15-20) while keeping a scorecard of their end-of-dungeon timers. Players were awarded bonus points, scaling by key level, as well as a weekly attendance bonus. Players pushed themselves harder than ever before as 20s were …

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MYTHICC guild hosted its first MVP event, sponsored by none other than Xorzus (Bob), where the highest IO scores in S3 for the roles of Tank, Healer, MDPS, and RDPS were awarded a WoW token! Congratulations to these members:Oldcake, tank, 3400 Pandapriest, healer, 3176 Tytykiller, mdps, 3552 Sephos, rdps, 3388 You peeps knocked it out …

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