About Our Recent Discord Changes

Hello everyone, Gingertail 🦊 here and wanting to discuss with you a few changes that we made to our Discord recently! You may have noticed that some things are in new places, have new names, new roles or colors, or that there are new bots. And you’re not wrong! We wanted to tidy up our Discord while also giving you the resources you need to find information more quickly. Here is a general list of the new changes:

  • There is a new role called “raider” that can be used to ping ALL raiders from both teams. This is mostly for the #combined-raid-pings💰 channel.
  • There is a new bot in town, Lopez bot! Lopez auto-assigns the “NOW LIVE” role to players who are currently streaming. This way they appear closer to the top of the Discord members sidebar!
  • Mee6 bot now announces when a Twitch streamer goes live in the #streamer-pings🎥 channel. If you’re interested getting more visibility for your Twitch streams, message Gingertail to be considered for this feature.
  • #thicc-news☕ is back ❤️! Check out all of our latest news!
  • New links have been added in Discord directing you to our website in case you need to use certain features like the call-off form.
  • Role clarity: Roles have been displayed differently so that you can easily find what you’re looking for – raiders and KDS members are now displayed above Mythicc Members.
  • There are new emojis associated with the MYTHICC community channels!

We hope you enjoy all of our new changes and let me know if you have any suggestions for future projects! Gingertail out ✌️!

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