Bye Bye Bye’alotha

On Thursday, heroic N’zoth was reoriginated by the Raid Force One team in a tense encounter. With half the raid dead at the last 5%, it was uncertain if they were going to get it but much like the Arthas fight, the boss is actually “dead” at roughly 2.5-3% health left. The entire team gets corrupted by tentacle daddy’s madness 🧟, drawing them in so that he may consume the power from the Heart of Azeroth and take over the Chamber of the Heart… finally serving his ultimate purpose – the corruption of Azeroth and the rise of the Black Empire eternal 🦑. Unbeknownst to him, Magni, M.O.T.H.E.R., and the player use the Hearth of Azeroth as a the final pinpoint of N’zoth’s location in Ny’alotha. They redirect the force of the Reorgination Array from Uldum through the Chamber of the Heart and the player’s neck blasting him into oblivion 💥. Is he truly gone or is a fragment of him now lingering in the missing dagger, Xal’atath? Maybe in Shadowlands we’ll find out!

With N’zoth defeated, Raid Force One is now 109th world, 62 region, and 8th on Mal’ganis to have cleared the full heroic raid 🥳. With mythic difficulty starting next week, things are looking very promising for RF1. Good luck on your progress and if you’re reading this and interested in applying to their team or our weekend team, go here!

Here are two PoV kill videos we’d like to share with you, enjoy!

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