Donation Winners Announced!

The donation event has ended and here are the winners 🎉!

  1. Anaráné with 145500 points
  2. Brotor with 138450 points
  3. Frostystorm with 78200

And the person who donated the most was: Druidzirra!

As a reminder, the rewards were a $30 Amazon gift card for first place, a WoW token for second place, and a Pandaria jewel-crafted mount for third place. In addition, each winner will be given the coveted “Thicc Contributor” role in Discord so your name stands above above the rest 🥂! This is a temporary recognition given to those who won the donation event so if you want to see YOUR name there, you know what to do when the next donation event comes around 📦!

While competition was fierce, there were a lot of participants and sadly not everyone can win, otherwise we’d be broke 🤣! MYTHICC honorably mentions all of you and without your contributions, the guild bank wouldn’t be where it is now. Thank you to everyone who helped in our most recent donation event. These people are:

  • Kaileesi
  • Gorjis
  • Unscented
  • Shytrap
  • Kamafnkazi
  • Sooshi
  • Bobbysmerica
  • Goldnzen
  • Liðnheart

Keep your eyes open for future donation events and announcements found in the #event-pings❗ channel and in our blog.

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