That’s a Wrap-thion and Skip-tra, Who?

Last night Raid Force One defeated mythic Wrathion, the Black Emperor AND The Prophet Skitra 🥳! Surprisingly, of the two encounters Skitra was the easier one. It took the team over twenty pulls to bring down the black dragon while Skitra only took four attempts! Here is a kill video of Wrathion 🐉 from Prisonpurse’s point of view:

And here is a kill video of Skitra, the Prophet of Discord-ant Comms! Point of view provided by Sooshi:

While we forgot to take a kill picture of Wrathion, we did manage to take one with Skitra! Don’t mind my terrible picture taking, i.e. the raid markers and a very obvious health bar 🤣.

Raid Force One continues mythic progress and heroic reclears. Look for our streamers on Twitch or join the guild to see the latest news!

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