Maut is Love!? Baby Don’t Hurt Me…

February is here and love is in the air 💖… for killing mythic bosses, HUEHUEHUE! On Tuesday, Raid Force One defeated the chiseled centaur officially making them 3/12 mythic! It’s been only two weeks now since mythic was unlocked and they’ve already progressed through a quarter of it. Here is another butchered group photo of our kill (minus the boss because he despawned THAT fast 🤣)! Also, thank you for the beautiful DPS tears 💧, your competitive spirit is now immortalized in “I LOST TO THROW.”

With Maut down, RF1 is pushing into Hivemind. The fight itself isn’t much different from heroic difficulty, however everything hits substantially harder. All Aqir Darters 🦗 must be dealt with quickly, as well as the Ravager spawn. The fight is very reminiscent of the Queen’s Court in that there is a lot of priority target switching while also observing lethal mechanics. I think the big take-away from this encounter will be “DODGE ALL THE ROLLY POLLIES 🐛” and “BURN ALL THE (RIGHT) THINGS 🔥!” This fight is a fire mage’s dream come true!

RF1 will continue mythic progression next week now that they consider the first two bosses as farm. Tune in to our streamers on Tuesday and/or Wednesday and until then, Taliesen and Evi… Gingertail out 🦊!

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