Hand Me My Purse, I Need My Xany

After many strategic ball slappings and wipes, Raid Force One learned how to swallow (I had to) – defeating Dark Inquistor Xanesh on mythic difficulty! The sweat inducing encounter is extremely tight in that if any one ping-pong void orb rotation is failed, it’s a guaranteed wipe… and it happens 4 TIMES 😱! Not to boot, there is an add the spawns any time the ball is redirected. A 3-4 person interrupt rotation is ALSO needed as it spam casts an AoE fear, yikes! Here is a kill video, sponsored by Prisonpurse, our resident fire mage!

With DIX down, RF1 goes into Vexiona, the twilight dragon mama 🐉 who sold her soul to the void for power. You may remember her from a questline in Twilight Highlands to upgrade the Crucible of Flame essence where she attacked Alexstraza and Kalecgos. There she tried to subjugate the Red Dragonflight but ultimately failed due to our interference. Now we find her stationed in Ny’alotha on the platform above DIX. Some notable differences between this encounter and the heroic one is that there is a new add that spawns that mass grips everyone to it. And in the final phase, there is a copy of Vexy that performs her intermission void breath mechanic 🎆!

RF1, now 6/12 mythic progression, is staying on pace with other competitive 2-night weekly guilds. Follow us here for more progression updates and future events!

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