Weekend Warriors Gets AOTC!

On Sunday, Weekend Warriors triumphantly struck down the final Old God on Azeroth, the tentacled and massive z’addy, N’Zoth 🐙! Even more, WWs achieved it’s goal of getting “Ahead of the Curve” for every raid tier this expansion 🎉!

Having been formed back in Uldir, WWs didn’t have the easiest raiding experience. The team almost fell apart in Winter 2018 (Uldir was that long ago 🙀) when the previous raid leader and GM stepped down. There was an entire guild restructuring process during that time and the roster was pretty weak going into the Battle of Dazar’alor. Nonetheless, WWs bounced back and clapped Jaina Proudmoore off her ship. Crucible of Storms proved challenging with it’s interesting raid mechanics and an infuriating last boss, Uu’nat – one of the most over tuned raid bosses in WoW’s history. Unfortunately, the Eternal Palace was not as exciting and as beautiful as one would expect from the lavish Queen Azshara. Yet the last encounter with her was an extremely memorable battle not seen since Gul’dan and Blackhand. How cool was it that she used us to free N’zoth? For WWs, Ny’alotha was exciting, very purple 🍆, and with many bug-o’s to smash-o or burn-o. It’s been a fun time raid leading all of you 💖! Except you Lionheart, no love for Canadians… maple syrup drinking moose hugger.

Looking ahead, WWs is starting mythic progression and is continuing heroic reclears. Stay tuned for progression notifications!

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