Weekend Warriors Defeats Mythic Wrathion and Skitra!

On Sunday, Weekend Warriors ventured into mythic taking out 2 bosses! Anduin’s “daddy simulator”, Wrathion πŸ‰, and the bug lady who has no real story purpose other than to drop the fat caster loots, were defeated. But what’s even more impressive is that Skitra took only one pull – so I can totally use “just after one night of progression” again, meme in sepia, 2019.

Here are some of our kill pictures with absolutely no bosses in them because Blizzard likes to make their corpses disappear before I realize that we needed to take one 🀷. I have the brain farts, whatever.

In Skitra’s room a lone Tauren tried to do the Care Bear Stare but forgot which way the photo was being taken. We will try to right this wrong when we kill Maut! In the meantime, congratulations Weekend Warriors and see you next Sunday!

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