March MADness

Want to kill Alliance scum with your friends? Or group up with the evil Canadian, Liðnheart, and drop his conquest rating purposefully (I’d do it)? Or maybe watch Muddypuddy get absolutely wrecked by two retribution paladins 🍆? Say no more! <M Y T H I C C> is hosting it’s first “March Madness” event ever!

Event Details: 3/17 to 3/31

Entries begin: 3/11

Final entries: 3/18

  • 2v2 arenas only
  • Submit a screenshot of your 2v2 arena battles window (example below) upon entry and at the event’s end to Sooshi via Discord
  • The top three entries with the highest CR in each cup wins
  • Player’s are only eligible for the prizes in their cup and for the cups above your own, i.e. if you continue to push you will be bumped up into the next tier but are ineligible for the prizes from the previous one
  • The tiers: Mushroom Cup 🍄 500 to 1200, Flower Cup 🔥 1200 to 1600, and Star Cup 🌠 1600+
  • Minimum 35 games played in Flower Cup 🔥
  • Minimum 55 games played in Star Cup 🌠
  • Groups encouraged but rewards are individually based, 1 reward per player account
  • There are set rewards for each tier like a WoW token, mounts, or gift cards (overview below)

Example 2v2 arena battles window:

Overview of Rewards

Star Cup 🌠 “150 cc” = 1600+ CR

  • 1st – Store mount
  • 2nd – WoW token (or equivalent gold)
  • 3rd – Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent mount

Flower Cup 🔥 “100 cc” = 1600 to 1200 CR

  • 1st – Store pet
  • 2nd – $10 Starbucks or Dunkin’s gift card
  • 3rd – Pandaria jewelcrafting panther mount (no black)

Mushroom Cup 🍄 “50 cc” = 1200 to 500 CR

  • 1st – Consumables prize basket 🧺: 20 prepots, 20 abyssal healing potions, 10 greater flasks, a stack of food, and several enchantments
  • 2nd – 200 Zin’anthid and 200 Osmenite ore
  • 3rd – 6 guild bank pets

May the odds be ever in your favor!

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