Mopped Up Maut, WW ed.

This past Sunday Weekend Warriors defeated mythic Maut 🥂! WWs started their mythic adventure time pushy push just a week ago taking out Wrathion and Skitra. And now, “just after one night of progression” they defeated the big obsidian daddy. They’re continuing their mythic push going into either Hivemind or El Doggo de Shad’har 🐶! Here is a beautiful group photo of us after a great raid night 💖!

Clumsiest, our resident elemental shaman or something like that, requested that I do a shout out to him. Congratulations, you did such a good job. Liðnheart and Beastarcana can’t wait to see you wreck it again… 👏

Thank you Weekend Warriors for a great Sunday run and don’t forget, we’ll be rotating in our full roster gradually so everyone can get the fat loots and the kills!

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