Bug Splat, WW ed.

Weekend Warriors got deci… decimated Hivemind on Sunday making them 5/12M 🍻! This is the farthest into a tier WWs has been, which is even more special considering that they’re only a one-day mythic raiding team. Even more impressively, by the end of the night everyone became ball dodging legends, except for these hookers:

Obviously, the shamans sucked but not as bad as the Paladian 🍁. He let more balls hit his face than anyone has ever seen before, and with passion. Clumsiest joined him because he felt left out and he also likes balls 🀀.

Stay tuned as WWs will take on Xanax πŸ’Š, the Dark Pill Inquisitor, after a short reclear next week. Hang on to your pandas!

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