The Great RAT RACE!

Welcome to the greatest and most evilest race in all of World of Warcraft, RAT RACE ๐Ÿ! MYTHICC is teaming up with Anti Social to bring you a treacherous and fun-fueled event!

The premise: New Vulpera priests risk it all to get to Dawnrise Expedition, Tanaris by foot… but there’s a twist! Every participant is given movement enhancing consumables and a Swapblaster. The goal… getting to Dawnrise Expedition before your comrades for fun prizes, at their expense ๐ŸฆŠ.

Event Details: 6/11 at 5:00pm CST

  • Every participant must be a Vulpera priest and registered via a posted spreadsheet
  • Your Vulpera must be on the Mal’ganis or Kil’jaeden servers to receive a prize
  • A 40-man raid group will be formed
  • Everyone will be given 10 gold, 5 Goblin Glider Kits, 5 Lightfoot Potions, and a Swapblaster
  • Mounts, flight paths, portals, movement enhancing abilities, and talents are NOT permitted
  • The Vulpera racial ‘Make Camp’ and ‘Return to Camp’ are allowed but use it wisely, it has a long cool down
  • Use of Psychic Scream and Holy Word: Chastise are allowed and may get you out of a pickle
  • Participants must visit 3 checkpoints and find a vendor specific item in those areas. You must present them to a moderator at the finish line as proof of your travels
  • These checkpoints and items will be announced during the starting event timer
  • Additional racing hints will also be shared during the beginning timer
  • Moderators will police from the skies making sure rules are being followed and to assist troubled Vulpera who fall too far behind

Overview of Prizes

  • 1st – Squeakers, the Trickster store mount (or equivalent)
  • 2nd – Dottie store pet (2 winners chosen after first)
  • 3rd – A free 15 carry on a character of your choosing (3 winners chosen after second place winners finish)

Sadly, not everyone can win but every participant can go home with a little treat of their choosing. These consolation prizes are:

  • Consumables Basket ๐Ÿฒ: 5 Abyssal Healing Potions and 1 Greater Flask of Vast Horizon
  • Enchanter’s Bag โœจ: 20 Gloom Dust, 5 Umbra Shards, and 3 Veiled Crystals
  • Scribe’s Backpack ๐Ÿ“: 20 Ultramarine Pigment, 10 Crimson Pigment, and 5 Maroon Pigment
  • Jeweler’s Satchel ๐Ÿ’Ž: 2 of every 50+ secondary stat gem
  • Tailor’s Pouch ๐Ÿงต: 2 Deep Sea Bags

The goal here is to have fun while screwing over your friends! Everyone has a target on their back… may the most clever Vulpera win!

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