Drest’aNOPE, WW ed.

Weekends Warriors was successful, having plunged into the depths of Ny’alotha to deworm the monstrous Drest’agath on Mythic difficulty πŸ›. It took WWs 3 nights of extended progression to accomplish their feat, securing the team 6/12 M progression!

Everyone contributed to a clean kill except for…πŸ₯… Googlimoogli!

Googlimoogli channeled his inner inting energy and just before he died he screamed “screw all you guys, I’m going home!” With tears in our eyes, we applauded his thoughtful gesture and proceeded to sacrifice him repeatedly using the Ritual Drust Knife toy. Thank you for the kill Googli!

WWs will be going to a 2-day raiding schedule starting Tuesday, June 23rd. The new schedule will look like this:

  • Tuesdays 8-11pm CST
  • Sundays 8-11pm CST

If you’re interested in raiding with Weekend Warriors, reach out to an officer on how to apply or follow this link to the recruitment page.

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