Vexvexvexiona, SS ed.

Sloppy Seconds did it again! On reset day, the void dragon had her wings clipped… and then we took all her loots! This all didn’t come without some hard salty man sweat and tears. Many people decided to “LEROY JENKINS” themselves (yeet 🤷‍♀️) into what I am now referring to as the “Butthurt Smash.” The Butthurt Smash took the lives of many of our raiders for oh so many pulls.

May these individuals live in shameful infamy 🙏… I’m on there, too, you just can’t see me because author privilege.

Regardless of our team’s shortcomings (Clumsi), since SSs went to a 2-day raid night, we’ve taken down 4 more bosses, something I thought not imaginable if we were still a 1-day raid team. Congo-rats to SSs for a deserving take-down on the void mama herself; 9/12 mythic! 💖

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