Rat Race 2 Recap

The second great rat race was another banging success. 💥 The little furry devils traversed through the bejeweled streets of Silvermoon into the war-torn lands of Hillsbrad Foothills. Their obstacles were many – they first had to navigate the streets of Silvermoon (honestly, they couldn’t figure it our without markers), pass through the chilly lands of Ghostlands, and survive the many undead and worgen of Plaguelands and Silverpine Forest. There was only one first place winner though, who maintained an enormous lead throughout the entire event… the winners are 🎉:

  1. Smudgeqt
  2. Pawlabean
  3. Speedycake

The Prizes

First place won the Sylverian Dreamer mount 🦢. Second place won Twilight, the store pet. 🐈 And third place won a free 15 mythic+ carry! Congratulations to our second rat race participants! 🧡

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