Donation Event Winners Are…

The month long donation event is over and who were our winners?! But first, the donation drive was so successful that the guild netted over 2 million gold worth of items. This should give us nice pocket change come time of Shadowlands and the first tier push.

Who were these divine inspirations? 👼 Look no further:

  1. Anarane
  2. Kaileesi, Gorj, and Tankindabax
  3. Bloodbather

There was fierce competition, especially towards the end but amazingly we have 3 people tied for 2nd place! In 3rd, we have Bloodbather who graciously donated his reward back to the guild. Thank you, Bloodbather!

The Prizes

Anarane won 2 mythic boss carries from any of the first 10 bosses and a free heroic raid carry on any toon of her choosing.

Our 2nd place winners won a mythic boss carry from any of the first 10 bosses and a mythic+ 15 dungeon on any of their toons!

Congratulations to our event winners and for everyone else, keep your eyes open for future donation events and announcements found in the #event-pings❗ channel and in our blog.

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