Glory of the Uldir Raider!

Fun Runs, led by Kasparian, got another Glory achievement notched on to their belts, Glory of the Uldir Raider! This particular achievement revisited the first tier of the BFA expansion, Uldir, a titan laboratory of failed experiments and contained mutagens. Much like Clumsi, most bosses in there were complete garbage. Although, I think we can all agree that our hearts go out to one especially sad pup. Fetid Devourer was just trying to be a good boi and eat all the refuse for his titan daddies. May he rest in peace. 👼

The Bloodgorged Crawg was the reward for this Glory, a suitable award with adorable chubby cheeks.

Congratulations to everyone who participated and grats on your crawggy bois! 💖 Look for Fun Runs signup sheets in Discord!

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