Huntyman Downed, PW ed.

PW strikes again! This time against the eviiil Huntsman and his 3 hungry bears – but actually we’re probably happy he’s gone because he can’t abuse animals anymore, right? Even more so, PW proved they could manage the additional soul rips where every sinseeker after bearo numero dos spawns extra healy adds. šŸ™€

They’re comp is listed below:

  • Tanks: Demon Hunter, Monk
  • Healers: Druid, Paladin, Holy Priest, 2 Shamans
  • RDPS: Druid, 3 Hunters, Mage, Shaman, 2 Warlocks
  • MDPS: 3 Death Knights, Paladin, Warrior

Impressively handled and well executed! Congratulations on your progress and good luck on Hungry Voidroiddaddy.

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