AoTC, M Shrekwang and Huntymanz, MM ed.

Minutes to Midnight (the team formally known as Sloppy Seconds and formally known as Weekend Warriors) knocked out a few important milestones this tier! They downed Zaddynathrius and got AToC and started their foray into mythic waters! It was a successful evening, they recleared mythic Shreekyweeky and DESTROYED Huntydaddy in just 2 pulls! šŸ™€

It was a night full of excitement… and then wiping our asses so hard that nothing was left. Thanks, Hungering Holestroyer. HD is definitely a step up in raid coordination compared to the last two bosses where baiting and immunity soaking trivializes certain mechanics. Instead, team members have to leech heath from other members while avoiding high debuff stacks themselves. šŸ©ø MM is opting for the 4-tank strategy, popularized on Reddit, where tanks assume the leech rotation which frees up the DPS to tunnel, something even Clumsi can do. Bless.

Again, congratulations to MM! There’s around 3-5 more months of this tier so let’s see how far they get!

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