Dance Dance Revolution, RF1 ed.

Sashay Left, Shimmy Right! Raid Force 1 proved they were the dance masters of Castle Nathria, quickly sidestepping the Council of Blood in mythic! They even took home all the loots… except for Tjuan who got that trinket, you know… the Macabre Sheet Music. 🐸 We all feel for you, we truly do. Those stingy council members did you dirty.

RF1 plows ahead to Sludgefist, the BDSM pillar smasher, uuuWuuu. Quite different from heroic difficulty, they’ll have to manage the new soak mechanic while not yeeting whoever their tethered to… I mean, if I saw a Blood Elf chained to me, I could do unforgivable things to them, and I’d be OK with it. Good luck RF1 and congratulations to a well earned progression boss!

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