Saving Private Kael’thas, MM ed.

Kael’thas Sundaddy was saved by Minutes to Madness… Men… Midnight on Sunday! Opting for the single tank strat (DHs are broken), they heal zerged with 2 restoration shamans, 2 holy priests, 1 restoration druid, and 1 holy paladin. 💚

The healers and PI bots pumped their love juice into KD (Kael’daddy), until he was uWu refreeeshed. But the highlight of our most recent reclear was something none of us expected – the return of Izzacangel’s ‘sOaK’ vocal cry. For those that don’t know, Izzac suffers from Chokesondixia, where the throat randomly goes crazy and words filter through as though he is choking. Before his diagnosis, we all first noticed it during NYA progression, notably on Hivemind. Thankfully, he’s worked through it and is an advocate for Chokesondixia awareness. 🍆

Below is MM’s first KD takeup??? Technically, we don’t takedown since we just heal him and slap him around a bit so it’s whatever. ✋ Enjoy!

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