Byeee’mox, MM ed.

Midnight to Minutes did it again! Living up to their name in every way, MM struck down the greedy thief during the last pull of the night! Somehow our seed handlers didn’t chi portedo, blink, disengage, or soul shape into traps. 😿This was definitely a feat of strength for some, especially Mayunie. His fat panda definitely did that several times… as well as the game literally inting on some pulls – he’d stand on top of the seeds with no cursor indicator anywhere to pick them up, thanks Clumsi! 🤷‍♀️ I’m sure there were other instances of seed mishaps but I could only remember my own because CHI PORTEDOing into improperly executed mechanics is so extra and I am that extra. 🤚✨

The best part was that Xy’daddy went down in what felt like only one raid night??? We spent a half a day on him on Tuesday and then a full raid night on him the following Sunday. So let’s say it was one raid day’s worth of time, kek. 🙈 The video is below, courtesy of Izzacangel! No Beethoven this time. Congratulations, MM!

More images to come! I have to find the person with our group photo!

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