SLs Donation Drive #2

We’re halfway through 9.0 (we at 9.05, yee yee) and it’s that time of the patch again where we need you to fill our holes… in the guild bank! ☝️

Event Details: 4/13 at reset to 5/18 midnight server (1am EST)

Donations sent to: Zarie with the mail subject as “GBANK DONATION.” Additionally, raiders may donate directly to their raid teams by submitting their goods into the team’s guild bank tab. If done this way, raiders must submit screenshots to @Animal/Zarie through Discord.


Previously there were no thresholds participants needed to reach in order to receive prizes. This is changing. In order to unlock third, second, and first place prizes you must:

  • Reach over 300k points in donations for third places prizes
  • Reach over 600k points in donations for second place prizes
  • Reach over 1 million points in donations for first place prizes

We are doing this since officers are awarding game time as prize rewards. Points TBA before the event launches!

Be warned that point values may fluctuate over the course of the event so refer to the #event-pings❗ channel in Discord for up-to-date point values and tallies.


  1. Game time, 3 mythic 14s carries untimed, or adventuring package
  2. Game time, 2 mythic 14s carries untimed, or adventuring package
  3. Mount option from list, 1 mythic carry untimed, or adventuring package

All participants who donate over 300k points worth of mats will get the “THICC Contributers” role in Discord. Your name will shine brightly above everybody else’s!

What is the adventuring package? 20 flasks ⚗️, 40 food of your choice (no feasts) 🍰, and 100 healthpots! 💉

What are the mounts on the list? The person who places in third can choose from a mount from this list below, thanks Ana:

  • Mecha-Mogul Mk2
  • Xiwyllag ATV
  • Fel Core Hound Harness
  • Sky Golem
  • Geosynchronous World Spinner
  • Mechano-Hog
  • Pandaria Jeweled Panthers (no Onyx)
  • Turbo-Charged Flying Machine
  • Flying Machine

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