Mythic DORagrue

Last week, DOR ventured deep in to Torghast and tapped the bad boi Tarragrue. This officially marks them as having stepped into M! Naguura from Mal’ganis US (not to be confused with Naguura from EU) sat down with the DOR mages for a quick interview regarding rerolling anima powers and soaking puddles:

Very inspiring. 🕯️

What’s Next?

DOR is pushing deeping in to M again this weekend, going to the 👁️ boss. It’ll be very interesting to see who yeets themself to G’huun… there are two new debuffs that are applied to all players during the intermission phase and if players mix them, we all blow up. It’ll be a fun fight for sure! Congratulations DOR on your first steps into M raiding. 💖

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