Pumpkin Event Winners

Spooktober is over! Judges narrowed down all these awesome pumpkins to just three finalists. Pumpkin carvings were judged based on creativity, effort, and complexity but in the end the guild decided the order of our winners! 🎃 Our winners are:

  1. Rickeybobbie – Stitch with 21 votes
  2. ShamnCheese – “Diablo” kitty with 7 votes
  3. Rhunewise – Evil X-eyes pumpkin – 4 votes

Other submissions by Taru and Lion were considered but ultimately these three took the pie by the slice! 🥧

The Prizes

Winners take home some fancy prizes: Crimson Deathcharger mount (only available to plate wearers who finish the lengthy legendary questline in Icecrown Citadel), Crawling Claw pet, and the Widget the Departed – the best kitty that ever to lived.

Check out all the pumpkins uploaded to our Discord channel below. Thank you for everyone who participated and we’ll see you for the Winter guild BAKEOFF! 🎂

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