The MYTHICC Bake-Off Goodies!

Welcome readers and bake-off participants! MYTHICC hosted our second annual baking event, and while there weren’t as many entries this time around, the baked good were still gorgeous nonetheless. Let’s do a recap of what all was done:

  • Participants baked anything… yes, anything… but preferably baked goods

It was that easy! Without further ado, here are the highlights:

Nailed It!

Inspired by the show Nailed It! on Netflix, we gave our more adventurous bakers a self-serving challenge; could they replicate a difficult cake? The winner also won a copy of the new “World of Warcraft: New Flavors of Azeroth: The Official Cookbook!” They had to pick from one of the following cake options: an angel, a penguin, and a Christmas tree!

Our winner for the Nailed It! category was… 🥁

Anarane, again, with her spin on the holiday penguin! She’ll take home the new WoW CB, congratulations Ana!

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