SLs Final Donation Drive

9.2 is hereeeeeeeeeeeeeee, we have double legendaries and tier (maybe for the lucky), so it’s that time of the expansion where we need you to fill the guild bank! ☝️

Event Details: 3/22 at reset to 4/26 at reset

  • Donations open at reset, MARCH 22.
  • Donations must be mailed to Zarie-Mal’ganis in game. If that mailbox is full, try Zariebank-Mal’ganis.
  • You can donate to the guild or to a preferred raid team. Please specify which team in the mail! If there is no team requested, it will not be put in a team’s bank tab. 📦
  • Gold donations can be mailed to Zarie or donated directly to the guild bank. Please submit a screenshot of the money log to Zarie!

Donation Items List

Be warned: point values may fluctuate, and items may be removed over the course of the event. Refer to the 🎫thicc-events channel in Discord for up-to-date point values, items, and score tallies.


1st Place – Exclusive artwork by OddifyIndy,; a unique acrylic drip pour commissioned by MYTHICC for the 4th Shadowlands Donation Drive, an estimated $100 value (a point value of over 2M must be achieved for this). 🖼️

2nd Place – Choice of: $30 gifted Bnet balance, a surprise gift from an officer (a $30 value), two M+ carries untimed, or the adventuring package.

3rd place – Choice of: $20 gifted Bnet balance, a surprise gift from an officer (a $20 value), one M+ carry untimed, or the adventuring package.

❤️‍🩹What is the Adventuring Package?❤️‍🩹 If you feel like donating your win back to the guild, we can offer you 20 flasks, 40 augment runes, and a 100 of the new ZM health pots to hold you over.

Lastly, all participants who donate over 300k points worth of items will get the “THICC Contributers” role in Discord. Your name will shine brightly in green above everybody else’s (until our next donation drive)!

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