Introducing ALTHICC

ALTHICC is MYTHICC’s new Alliance sister guild on Mal’ganis. The guild is up and running and ready to give your Alliance toons a home on the… err…dark side? With 9.2.5 supposedly right around the corner, we’ll finalliancely be able to play with the opposing faction. How cool is that?

At the end of the day, less barriers keeping players from engaging with each other are good. The Horde side “won” in a sense as most of the player base ended up on that side for many different reasons, partly due to the raiding scene and racials. The faction war ran its course though, so hopefully the WoW story will go into a new and exciting direction. We could use refreshing narrative perspectives as told through in-game cutscenes and “stay awhile and listen” moments. Other MMOs have been adapting better story presentations and this is definitely an area where WoW could improve. #GiveBaineachair #Taurenandorcancesterworship #Forsakengraspingwiththeirplace

Alliance Guild Invites

Do you need an invite to our Alliance guild? Check out our Discord and post in the #guild-invites-alliance at the top to get started.

See you on the dark side! 🔥

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