Starting off June with a bang, DOR raid team downed the 5D chess wizard in a tantalizing game of whack-a-mole. In typical MYTHICC fashion, McChussy fell down on the last pull of the night. When interviewing raiders afterwards, holes were a hot topic:

The encounter was definitely a whirlwind of emotions–this entire raid was heavily over tuned and untested to prevent World First raiders from blitzing through early raid content. Unfortunately for us mere mortals, that meant an uphill ride on the struggle bus of fun. Hopefully, more Jailer nerfs will come toward the end of the patch so that other guilds have a shot.

Special shoutouts go to some of our DOR leadership who’re stepping down to focus on just gaming from here on out. Congratulations on finishing your progression and earning the AotC achievement, DOR! And special mention to Thull’s blood sacrifice, your large Tauren meat sack blood donation secured our kill, obviously. Zug Zug. 🔥🔥🔥

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