DOR gets AotC and 2/11M!

DOR secured their first AotC of Dragonflight, and also demolished the first two mythic bosses, Eranog and Council! DOR started back in Shadowlands during a period of time where the future of the game was uncertain. DOR rose out of this predicament and to prominence in SoD knocking out five mythic bosses. SFO was infamously overtuned so there was no interest in pushing father than two bosses. That interest may be creeping back-in as the first two bosses went down in two pulls each, who knows! Check back in.

Here’s a look at the DOR roster for the night! Booboospooce representing peak mages everywhere, stoically at the top. Rogues topped the meters on almost every pull so it’s no surprise to see them here again looking at us poors below.

Evoker healers proved the creme de la creme, the cherry on top, the goat’s boat, the bees’ knees, the wet farts, and the pride of the pack healer to bring to Raszussy. Their kit is well suited to every mechanic knobby arms threw at the team.

Congratulations to DOR and all the members who participated in securing AotC. 🔥🔥🔥

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