Dragonflight Donation Drive

10.0(.05) is hereeeeeeeeeeeeeee, we have tier and we’re hot messes. So, it’s that time of the expansion where we need you to fill the guild bank! ☝️

Event Details: 2/7 at reset to 3/7 at reset

  • Starts on Feb. 7th at reset and ends Mar. 7th at midnight server (10pm PST, 12am CST, 1am EST)
  • Item values will be posted the night before the event to prevent unfair stockpiling
  • All items must be sent to @Anarané via in-game mail with the subject line “GBANK DONATION”
  • Gold donations can be mailed to @Anarané or donated directly to the guild bank with a screenshot of the money log

Donation Items List

Be warned: point values may fluctuate, and items may be removed over the course of the event. Refer to the 🎫thicc-events channel in Discord for up-to-date point values, items, and score tallies.


Jewelry and visual artist, Andrea Groner, from OddifyIndy is supplying the guild with exclusive artwork once again! This time the theme centers around the Dragonflights and their respective Aspects. There are 5 pieces total and each one transforms the colors of the flights to geode-like drip pours. Winners get to choose their favorite piece in the order of 1st->2nd->3rd. Any remaining will be raffled off in a brutal gold laundering event. That’s what art is anyway, right? Obviously not. Laughs in professional musician.

🥇- First pick of exclusive artwork, or 250k gold, or adventuring package

🥈- Second pick of exclusive artwork, or 250k gold, or adventuring package

🥉- Third pick of exclusive artwork, or 250k gold, or adventuring package

🧪What is the adventuring package?🧪 If you feel like donating your win back to the guild, we can offer you all of the following: 40 phials of your choosing, 200 health pots, 200 mana pots, 200 of your preferred food, and 40 drums

Lastly, the winners will get the “THICC Contributers” role in Discord. Your name will shine brightly in green above everybody else’s (until our next donation drive)!

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