Dragonflight KDSI Winners!

MYTHICC’s first key event of Dragonflight ended on Saturday! The 5-week long event tracked participants through dungeons (between key levels 10-15) while keeping a scorecard of their end-of-dungeon timers. Players were awarded bonus points, scaling by key level, while also disregarding one weeks’ worth of points to allow for schedule flexibility and to drop a bad score.

Players pushed themselves harder than ever before and 15s were being completed with relative ease. There were some lows as well, as players encountered pitfalls causing score upsets. In the end, the event was in the “spirit of fun” while having provided a competitive component with gold compensation. With that all being said… we have our winners! šŸ…

The Winners and Rewards

  1. Dysagosa with 2490.51 pts (500k)
  2. Amy with 2479.59 pts and (350k)
  3. Sharkey with 2473.93 pts and (150k)

Winners took home some sweet sweet gold, $130 worth of it! šŸ’° Keep your eyes out for the next event and thank you to everyone who participated!!!

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