SL fells the Razzle Dazzle

Last Sunday, Swipe Lefties downed the thunder bird, Razzlewing, after several dazzling attempts. Raiders were not pushed back by her tempest wing, and instead yeeted the birdy off her own platform securing the kill. When interviewing members after the win, Asimage couldn’t help himself and screamed, “Yasssss mama yasssss, we got her! HOYAAAAAAAAAA!” Other raiders cried out a very emotional and powerful display of gamer AoTC release. It was a marvelous moment shared with the team.

A special thank you to members of our other raid team coming in and helping land the kill with us! Looking at you, Dyson and Brad on their thicc evokers, Dysagosa and Nutsardragon. 🦎🦎🦎 And a special thank you to Cobie as well, rocking the pre re-work ret Paladin energy.

Nerf mage! JK.

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