Rat Race Winners 2023

We have our winners from the “Rat Race!: Pandaria” event!💥As a recap, our furry little devils had to find specific NPCs all over Pandaria. They traversed through the jungles of the Jade Forest, the fields of Valley of the Four Winds, the cold mountains of Kun-Lai, and over the wall to get to the Shrine of the Two Moons. Many Vulpera were mercilessly murdered by the native Yuangol and Mogu. Only three sly foxes stood out from the rest… the winners are 🎉:

  1. Forbz
  2. Ratracer
  3. Kitsetgo

The Prizes

First place won Squeakers, the mouse mount. Second place won Dottie, the store pet, and third place won Lil’ Ursoc! Congratulations to all our rat race participants, you made this fun, truly! 🧡

Event Gallery

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