AFK Nukes Mythic Kazzy

After securing their first AOTC at Arby’s, AFK went back for secondsies. Mythic Kazzussy was no match for the combined might of the Hord… raid team, downing her within a 1.5hrs of seeing the fight for the first time. Players quickly learned how to play the Snake game again after forgetting that it even existed. One of our mage’s, Asimage, said this of the encounter, “she was fire, I was ice, I greeded for DPS, now everything’s not nice.” He died… as all arcane mages do, lusting for the top of the DPS meters from floor POV.

Healers had a lot to do, too. Nicki Minaj’s running sound resonated with each healer as they trailed laser beams to their portal homes, dodged frontal beams, and generally just kept us dumb dumbs alive. Brad, our resident Lizzie McGuire aka preservation evoker said this, “I breathed so hard, I’m still breathing.” Wise words from a wise scaley boi.

Tanks had their own piece of the puzzle to discover. They micromanaged the floor space galore, nailing down the rhythm of spacing while also discovering how irritating Kazzy can be–she never wants to move. She spell locks herself for agesssssssssssssssssssssss, but Sillytank and Crazyslapper powered their way through to success, LITERALLY being the only people alive (from my POV, I couldn’t see if anyone else was alive, sorry!) til the end. A MYTHICC feat of strength for sure. Kudos gentlemen and congratulations AFK, 1/9M! 🏆

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