KDSI S4 Ends

MYTHICC’s 4th keystone dungeon invitational officially ended on Saturday! The 6-week long event tracked participants through dungeons (between key levels 15-20) while keeping a scorecard of their end-of-dungeon timers. Players were awarded bonus points, scaling by key level, as well as a weekly attendance bonus.

Players pushed themselves harder than ever before as 20s were being completed with relative ease. There were some lows as well, as players encountered pitfalls causing score upsets. In the end, the event was in the “spirit of fun” while having provided a competitive component with gold compensation. With that all being said… we have our winners! 🏅

The Winners and Rewards

  1. Rïnnoa with 20,567 points (500k)
  2. Forbins with 18,676 points and (300k)
  3. Thulldar with 18,554 points and (100k)

Winners took home some sweet gold! 💰 Keep your eyes out for the next event and thank you to everyone who participated!!!

M Vigilant GuardION


DOR started their mythic progression back in April, logging their first kill on Friday the 29th! Why did the article come out so late? Well, I forgot and also, we didn’t have a photo taken so this is from a kill months later, kek. With the team’s progression officially over, they’re casually meandering through M content, experiencing everything the game has to offer…

And it’s… not like Antorus, that’s for sure. Regardless, this is the final tier and hopefully it doesn’t burn us out! Opting for the 3-tank strategy for add management, our thiccest peeps pumped:

M Skoliosis Defeated

After finishing their H progression, DOR dives deeper into the secrets of the Sepulcher of the Thirsty Ones, uwuuu? The wormy boi himself, Skrillex, went down easily to the combined might of the Horlliance, the newest faction in WoW that best represents MYTHICC. Who were the thiccest, you ask?

Skrollex was raked apart and bitten by our pet loving friends. Yenstah stood above the rest, representing the feral population of WoW well. 🐈 Thank you for subbing Yenstah and Forbins!

DOR already started Sausage progression with many sub 30% pulls after one night. When will she go down! Stay tuned.


Starting off June with a bang, DOR raid team downed the 5D chess wizard in a tantalizing game of whack-a-mole. In typical MYTHICC fashion, McChussy fell down on the last pull of the night. When interviewing raiders afterwards, holes were a hot topic:

The encounter was definitely a whirlwind of emotions–this entire raid was heavily over tuned and untested to prevent World First raiders from blitzing through early raid content. Unfortunately for us mere mortals, that meant an uphill ride on the struggle bus of fun. Hopefully, more Jailer nerfs will come toward the end of the patch so that other guilds have a shot.

Special shoutouts go to some of our DOR leadership who’re stepping down to focus on just gaming from here on out. Congratulations on finishing your progression and earning the AotC achievement, DOR! And special mention to Thull’s blood sacrifice, your large Tauren meat sack blood donation secured our kill, obviously. Zug Zug. 🔥🔥🔥

Introducing ALTHICC

ALTHICC is MYTHICC’s new Alliance sister guild on Mal’ganis. The guild is up and running and ready to give your Alliance toons a home on the… err…dark side? With 9.2.5 supposedly right around the corner, we’ll finalliancely be able to play with the opposing faction. How cool is that?

At the end of the day, less barriers keeping players from engaging with each other are good. The Horde side “won” in a sense as most of the player base ended up on that side for many different reasons, partly due to the raiding scene and racials. The faction war ran its course though, so hopefully the WoW story will go into a new and exciting direction. We could use refreshing narrative perspectives as told through in-game cutscenes and “stay awhile and listen” moments. Other MMOs have been adapting better story presentations and this is definitely an area where WoW could improve. #GiveBaineachair #Taurenandorcancesterworship #Forsakengraspingwiththeirplace

Alliance Guild Invites

Do you need an invite to our Alliance guild? Check out our Discord and post in the #guild-invites-alliance at the top to get started.

See you on the dark side! 🔥

SL Donation Drive #4 Winners are…

We made it to the end of Shadowlands! What will forever be remembered as a contentious expansion where a loooooot of stuff happened. At least we can see the light at the end of the tunnel with the 10.0 expansion reveal, Dragonflight, and all that is to come. But before any of that happens, our gracious General Animal helped the guild again to wrap up our Shadowlands fundraising events.

Our winners are📣:

  1. Flyrant with 5,212,211
  2. Kaileesi with 2,711,970
  3. Troika with 2,130,522

The top three were given the fancy new, 🎁Donation Winners role in Discord so they shine brighter (and higher on the role rankings) then everyone else, oo lala! 💃

After tallies, donations totaled just under $1600 USD!!! Thank you! I promise I won’t use this gold to race change… heavy breathing. We’ll be using these resources to fund sponsored legendaries, gold awards for KDSI events, and more (those were the ones I could think of off the top of my head).

🏆Donation Prizes🏆

This time around, GM Taru, commissioned the artist and owner of OddifyIndy to create an original work—an acrylic drip-pour canvas art using the colors of the Horde, as the first-place prize. The horde crest symbolizes many things: unity of unlikely allies, perseverance through hardship, freedom from oppression, reinvention of identity, and resourcefulness. This piece draws inspiration from the building blocks of the horde, the wood and earth. The work conveys physical aspects of trees—the grit of the lines is noticeably visible while inviting in the industrious colors associated with Horde metallurgy. The work also evokes the colors of the zone Durotar, similarly to the red earth tones of the iron rich soil of the southern United States.

Other original pieces by the artist in the same style are “Miss Swamp Thang” using colors emulating the dark swirling currents of the Bayou; and “Trixie’s Mattel” that uses bold and conflicting colors that illustrate the infamous drag queen’s legendary looks. All the works take on the quality of otherworldliness that are reminiscent of planetary gas giants with their swirling and unique colorizations.

A major shout out to OddifyIndy for her work! 💖

1st Place – Exclusive artwork by OddifyIndy: a unique acrylic drip pour commissioned by MYTHICC for the Shadowlands Season 3 Donation Drive.

2nd Place – Choice of: $30 gifted Bnet balance, a surprise gift from an officer (a $30 value), two M+ carries untimed, a Horde themed drip pour canvas mini, or the adventuring package.

3rd place – Choice of: $20 gifted Bnet balance, a surprise gift from an officer (a $20 value), one M+ carry untimed, a Horde themed drip pour canvas mini, or the adventuring package.

What is the Adventuring Package? 20 flasks, 40 augment runes, and 100 ZM health pots.

This was a tremendous turn out! Thank you everyone who donated! MYTHICC appreciates every one of you🙏.

SLs Final Donation Drive

9.2 is hereeeeeeeeeeeeeee, we have double legendaries and tier (maybe for the lucky), so it’s that time of the expansion where we need you to fill the guild bank! ☝️

Event Details: 3/22 at reset to 4/26 at reset

  • Donations open at reset, MARCH 22.
  • Donations must be mailed to Zarie-Mal’ganis in game. If that mailbox is full, try Zariebank-Mal’ganis.
  • You can donate to the guild or to a preferred raid team. Please specify which team in the mail! If there is no team requested, it will not be put in a team’s bank tab. 📦
  • Gold donations can be mailed to Zarie or donated directly to the guild bank. Please submit a screenshot of the money log to Zarie!

Donation Items List

Be warned: point values may fluctuate, and items may be removed over the course of the event. Refer to the 🎫thicc-events channel in Discord for up-to-date point values, items, and score tallies.


1st Place – Exclusive artwork by OddifyIndy, https://www.etsy.com/shop/OddifyIndy?ref=shop_sugg; a unique acrylic drip pour commissioned by MYTHICC for the 4th Shadowlands Donation Drive, an estimated $100 value (a point value of over 2M must be achieved for this). 🖼️

2nd Place – Choice of: $30 gifted Bnet balance, a surprise gift from an officer (a $30 value), two M+ carries untimed, or the adventuring package.

3rd place – Choice of: $20 gifted Bnet balance, a surprise gift from an officer (a $20 value), one M+ carry untimed, or the adventuring package.

❤️‍🩹What is the Adventuring Package?❤️‍🩹 If you feel like donating your win back to the guild, we can offer you 20 flasks, 40 augment runes, and a 100 of the new ZM health pots to hold you over.

Lastly, all participants who donate over 300k points worth of items will get the “THICC Contributers” role in Discord. Your name will shine brightly in green above everybody else’s (until our next donation drive)!

Soultendies Boremazain

Last week, DOR put an end to Garrosh Hellscream’s torment and defeated Soultendies Boremazain! 🐔

They set their sights to get 5/10M, mid-tier progression, and achieved it! A glorious finish to an UNGODLY long tier. With 9.2 around the corner, players are eager to get their hands on fresh content. Here’s to a sense of hope that’s missing for a long time and good luck DOR! 🥂

The MYTHICC Bake-Off Goodies!

Welcome readers and bake-off participants! MYTHICC hosted our second annual baking event, and while there weren’t as many entries this time around, the baked good were still gorgeous nonetheless. Let’s do a recap of what all was done:

  • Participants baked anything… yes, anything… but preferably baked goods

It was that easy! Without further ado, here are the highlights:

Nailed It!

Inspired by the show Nailed It! on Netflix, we gave our more adventurous bakers a self-serving challenge; could they replicate a difficult cake? The winner also won a copy of the new “World of Warcraft: New Flavors of Azeroth: The Official Cookbook!” They had to pick from one of the following cake options: an angel, a penguin, and a Christmas tree!

Our winner for the Nailed It! category was… 🥁

Anarane, again, with her spin on the holiday penguin! She’ll take home the new WoW CB, congratulations Ana!