Glory of Dazar’alor Raider!

Throwadox hosted a “Glory of Dazar’alor Raider” achievement run last night 🥳! Congratulations to:

  • Throwadox
  • Aredennestehe
  • Orshock
  • Poglastplace
  • Drazov
  • Shytrap
  • Trog
  • Anarane
  • Squishie (Spidercow)
  • Muddypuddy
  • Ramy
  • Sworc
  • Xavier

The mount, the Dazar’alor Windreaver, is a recolor of the many different pterodactyls 🦅 (there’s no bird dinosaur emoji 😿) available in Battle for Azeroth. Here’s a closer look!

Check Discord for fun events hosted by guildies or tune in on Thursdays for our mythic Jaina mount runs!

Fun Runs For Days!

To date, Fun Runs! has double-downed on mythic Jaina successfully getting 10 mounts for guild. Congratulations on our most recent mount winners! Fun Runs! 🎈, hosted by Bootygoblin, will continue farming mythic Jaina until the end of May and then it will alternate weeks with other content. If you’re interested in the mount, signup through Discord but make sure you have the Mythicc Member role, otherwise you won’t see the channel that has the sheet.

El Doggo De No’moro

Weekend Warriors did it again! They defeated the big bad boy himself, Shad’har, the Insatiable Doggo 🌭. This officially makes them 4/12 mythic with the heaviest melee comp known to man… I don’t know why but people insist on playing melee when ranged is far superior I guess 💅. We’re now realm 75th which is impressive for a one-day raiding team! Congratulations Weekend Warriors – except Clumsiest… he’s way too toxic.


Raid Force One defeated Il’gynoth the Floating Eyeball Organ thing in mythic Ny’alotha this week! Unfortunately, the boss was extremely buggy due to a recent nerf from Blizzard ❄️. Many guilds encountered this bug in heroic and mythic difficulty, effectively removing an entire mechanic from the fight! Blizz quickly hot fixed it so reclearing it should be a TREAT 🤣! I will sacrifice a Tauren for a good pull…

Raid Force One is now 10/12 mythic – cutting edge is getting closer AND closer! Gogogo Raid Force One!

‘FUN RUNS!’ 3.0

FUN RUNS 🎈! had their third weekly run yesterday and Nulad and Pog were the lucky souls who got the mounts! After wrapping up mythic Battle of Dazar’alor, FR did normal Ny’alotha and cleared up until Carapace. Congratulations Nulad and Pog on your mounts!

If you’re interested in our Thursday events, check the #fun-runs🎈 channel in Discord. If you can’t see the channel, you must see an officer to have your Discord permissions assigned. Gingertail out 🦊!


On Wednesday, Raid Force One defeated the mad titan keeper, Ra-den, on mythic difficulty. The encounter was an event to remember! Only one lone member remained alive (a ret paladin, go figure 💁‍♀️). While the rest of us cheered him on, Gosudawn bubbled and solo’d the last 1 million health getting 3 twilight devastation(s) within 6 seconds, securing us the kill. RF1 finished the rest of the night reclearing Xanax 💊 and Vexywexy 🐲.

Here is a fun group picture on Ra-den’s platform and another picture of the man himself, Gosudawn!

Thankfully, the disgusting troll back toes were well hidden for the people with sensitive eyes 👀!

And The PVP Event Winners Are…

The “March MADness” event has ended! The competition was ferocious but out of all of our entries there were only 3 winners! Representing the Star Cup 🌠 (1600+ CR) participants, we have:

  1. Aethros at 2117 CR (Store mount)
  2. Throwadox at 1920 CR (WoW token)
  3. Prisonpurse at 1738 CR (Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent mount)

Thank you to everyone who participated in our very first PVP guild event. Going forward, we will fine tune more aspects of the event and greatly diversify the rewards. Congratulations to our winners! 👏

‘FUN RUNS!’ And The Magical Jaina Mount!

FUN RUNS 🎈! had their first Thursday raid this week taking down the legendary Jaina Proudmoore on the high seas in mythic. Owo was one of the TWO lucky people to get the mount. Congratulations Owo ✨!

What is FUN RUNS 🎈!? It’s a guild hosted event lead by Bootygoblin every Thursday from 8:00-11:00 CST. As you can see, the group revisited mythic Battle of Dazar’alor and I believe there are plans to dive back into the murky waters of Eternal Palace! Keep up-to-date with Thursday raids in the #fun-runs🎈 channel of our Discord. There may be sign-up sheets there so make sure you check it out!

Dragon Down, Repeat Dragon Down!

On Wednesday, Raid Force One defeated the purple-murple dragon, Vexiona 🐲! This officially makes Raid Force One 7/12 mythic, leaving Drest’agath, Il’gynoth, and Ra-den left before the big baddies at the end. Sadly, we forgot to get a screenshot of our kill OR a video 😭. I blame our hunters, mages, and especially Pandathrall – he definitely 100% threw a couple of our pulls but his sacrifice is a sacrifice for the kill. Stay tuned for more updates and maybe a kill video!