M2M Booty Absorber Destroyed Edition.

Minutes to Midnight scored another Mythic kill after Barnacle yeeted everyone with beams. Clumsi finally quit using his 🐒 to sit on Devour’s face, to get da πŸ‘ consumed! Marci is going to be pissed… or into it πŸ”₯. Awesome job M2M! Now 3/10M CN. They will be starting to work on the Portal Ethereal Xy’Mox πŸ•³οΈ. Stay tuned for more Clumdump shaming πŸ’‹.

Shadowlands First Donation Event Winners!

Shadowlands has been out for a month, and its first donation drive is now over. This was a triumphant start to the expansion for the guild! πŸ’°πŸ₯˜ Daily Dose tabs 1 & 2 are completely filled! Resources also have been distributed to the raid teams.

So without further delay, our first SLs Donation Drive Winners areπŸ“£:

  1. Crezzis with 2,173,370 points
  2. Panda with 1,319,400 points
  3. Rageborne with 700,000 points
  4. Profit with 400,000 points
  5. Andramantis with 168,462 points
  6. Sakazakii with 137,498 points

This was a tremendous turn out! Thank you everyone who donated! MYTHICC appreciates everyone of youπŸ™.

The PrizesπŸ†

Crezzis & Rageborne both won AOTC carries! Panda won 2, 14 Mythic+ carries! Profit, Andramantis, & Sakazakii all won 1, 14 Mythic+ carry each! If you’d like to receive some prizes in the future, make sure to participate in the next one. Lookout for the any upcoming donation events. Their announcements can be found in the #event-pings❗ and in our blog.

Introducing Minutes to Midnight

The raid team formally known as Weekend Warriors… I mean Sloppy Seconds.

Why the change?

We decided to have a raid name closer to how we raid. We usually tend to get our Prog Boss kills last pull of the night. Also to remove the suggestion of “A” & “B” teams aspects, which confused potential recruits. So goodbye Sloppy Seconds… you dirty whore! But mainly welcome M2M(Men to Men) *Wink wink* Clumsi and Marci. 🀀 Sorry got lost in thought! I mean Minutes to Midnight!!

When do they raid?

  • Tuesdays, 8-11pm CST
  • Sundays, 8-11pm CST

Are you interested in applying to the team? Visit the recruitment page to get started today!