And Our KDS Pumpers Are…

The last M+ BFA season is over and here are our top 10 KDS winners:

  1. Tjuanbeam – Demon Hunter, Warrior, and Mage
  2. Bloodbather – Mage
  3. Pogrunnerup – Demon Hunter
  4. Ragingundead – Death Knight
  5. Buzzly – Demon Hunter
  6. Lavella – Priest
  7. Kurrs – Rogue
  8. Slowcowmoo – Death Knight
  9. Kaileesi – Priest
  10. Throwadox – Hunter

Congratulations to our top 10 KDS members on reaching such high scores during the final season of BFA! Particular honors go to Tjuan for having THREE characters in the top 10! It’s no doubt that purchasable corruption combined with solid gameplay made these scores achievable. Nonetheless, it’s still very impressive and required a lot of time investment! ✨

Honorable Mentions

  1. Blushberry – Shaman
  2. Sugarlicks – Rogue
  3. Licky – Warrior
  4. Desugurippu – Demon Hunter
  5. Heccer – Demon Hunter
  6. Zid – Hunter
  7. Oldcake – Monk
  8. Viben – Monk
  9. Chankla – Monk
  10. Pandawarrior – Warrior

While not everyone can get mentioned, we are pleased to support our entire KDS community and congratulate them on their hard work during this final season. MYTHICC is looking forward to seeing what KDS members can do in Shadowlands! What will the new meta be? Will there be a meta? What classes will shine bright in keys? Who will be our next top mode… KDS member! πŸ“£

“RF1 NYAAA!” – A Tier In Review

It’s the end of another tier and with that we have our “end of tier” review. πŸ₯³

Ny’alother, the Derping Kitty, was a very fun raid tier. From finally spanking Wrathion for the shit he pulled in Pandaria (albeit a fake Wraywray) to gunning down the big bad tentacle daddy lord himself in a N’zothian driveby, NYA wrapped up several major lore narratives while delivering diverse class desig… fuck it, you needed to be a fire mage, gg. πŸ”₯

NYA had glaring PvE problems mainly with the last borrowed power system of the expac- corruption. Unlike the Eternal Palace and benthic gear, corruption was not purchasable for a long time and when it was available, it was on a rotating vendor. You had to rely solely on RNGesus: first for your BiS piece to drop, then for it to corrupt – to one out of the MANY corruptions that you needed. Some classes benefitted from corruption more than others, too. As in the case for Fire Mage, it was all stat mastery corruption and for others, it may have been infinite stars or echoing void. If you got lucky early enough, your DPS numbers were light years ahead of others, especially in the case of IS and EV – both highly over tuned corruptions. After the world first race, Blizzy did reign in some corruptions but you can see below how these powers were not balanced and carried early progression fights.

Throwadox, a RF1 team officer, said that “overall I think the corruption system had more downs than ups and I would rather not have a similar system be introduced again. And if we’re talking PvP, corruption is the most un-fun and unfair power that was introduced into the game making classes and comps exceptionally strong (Hpal infinite CD’s thanks to IT, mages and locks having 100% haste and casting <1sec polymorphs/fears/chaos bolts and <2sec greater pyro and rogue/DH which 50%+ of their damage came from gushing wounds/lash of the void).”

Zalasmina said regarding corruption: “I’m sick of borrowed power, this expac was a joke, fuck this game.” 🀷 Hard words from a person with back toes but his feelings can be summarized in the picture below – we love to hate to play this game!

Some more thoughts are as follows:

β€œThe only thing worse than corruption was tentacle porn, and they added both in 1 patch.” -B

“To me, corruption was borrowed power without reasonable limits on top of a patch full of reused assets and art. The fact that obtaining useful corruption was also entirely RNG for a while just sort of killed 8.3 for me and a few other friends.” -P

In the end, RF1 beat daddy uWucles and savored their first CE in MYTHICC. It was well-deserved and a long time coming having been so close in previous tiers this expac. Below is a collection of RF1 and WW/SS moments enjoyed throughout NYA!

Glory of the Dazar’alor Raider!

Did someone say… Glory of the Dazar’alor raider? Yes, they did! Kasparian and co. knocked out another Glory achievement recently – the one inside the gold pyramid in Zul’dazar. The reward? The Dazar’alor Windreaver, of course! 🦚

I think this leaves only one achievement run left, the Eternal Palace! Unless, I totally forgot they already did it which they may have because early onset dementia is a very real thing. 🀷 Signup next week for more Fun Runs!

Glory of the Uldir Raider!

Fun Runs, led by Kasparian, got another Glory achievement notched on to their belts, Glory of the Uldir Raider! This particular achievement revisited the first tier of the BFA expansion, Uldir, a titan laboratory of failed experiments and contained mutagens. Much like Clumsi, most bosses in there were complete garbage. Although, I think we can all agree that our hearts go out to one especially sad pup. Fetid Devourer was just trying to be a good boi and eat all the refuse for his titan daddies. May he rest in peace. πŸ‘Ό

The Bloodgorged Crawg was the reward for this Glory, a suitable award with adorable chubby cheeks.

Congratulations to everyone who participated and grats on your crawggy bois! πŸ’– Look for Fun Runs signup sheets in Discord!

Introducing, Prestige Worldwide!

Major news coming from leadership at MYTHICC! We are proud to announce the newest mythic raiding team to our family, Prestige Worldwide! Led by Zid and Chankla, PW is a cutting edge oriented mythic raiding team:

What Days Do They Raid?

  • Wednesdays from 7:00-11:00pm CST
  • Thursdays from 7:00-11:00pm CST

Is this a Hardcore Team?

Yes, PW is a cutting edge progression team. They raid for 8 hours a week and keep their Tuesdays available for players to use at their discretion. Why are Tuesdays free? They’re clear so that it doesn’t conflict with the other raid teams in the guild but also allows members some flexibility with their weekly reset. Got home late and you want to see what’s in your mythic+ box? No worries, go do that! Want to run a normal or heroic raid that day instead, go for it!

Ultimately, the goal for PW is to offer a midweek hardcore raiding experience so that your weekends are free to be with friends or family. PW raiders are expected to perform at their best and be amply prepared with this extra time.

Why Choose This Team?

MYTHICC offers 2 other raiding experiences, one with Raid Force One and the other with Sloppy Seconds. All 3 raiding teams in the guild are mythic raiding teams with CE as the final goal. But this is what sets PW apart from our other groups:

If you want a lengthier raid night, want to keep your weekends and reset day free, and want to be done early enough in the evening, then this team is for you!

Check out our raid teams page for more information!

Donation Event Winners Are…

The month long donation event is over and who were our winners?! But first, the donation drive was so successful that the guild netted over 2 million gold worth of items. This should give us nice pocket change come time of Shadowlands and the first tier push.

Who were these divine inspirations? πŸ‘Ό Look no further:

  1. Anarane
  2. Kaileesi, Gorj, and Tankindabax
  3. Bloodbather

There was fierce competition, especially towards the end but amazingly we have 3 people tied for 2nd place! In 3rd, we have Bloodbather who graciously donated his reward back to the guild. Thank you, Bloodbather!

The Prizes

Anarane won 2 mythic boss carries from any of the first 10 bosses and a free heroic raid carry on any toon of her choosing.

Our 2nd place winners won a mythic boss carry from any of the first 10 bosses and a mythic+ 15 dungeon on any of their toons!

Congratulations to our event winners and for everyone else, keep your eyes open for future donation events and announcements found in the #event-pings❗ channel and in our blog.

Glory of the Argus Raider!

A gloomhound for you… and you… and for everyone! Fun Runs!, led by Kasparian, dived into the fiery infernos of Antorus πŸ”₯ and put a leash on the goodest of batty flying bois, the Antoran Gloomhound!

A description from the mount journal reads: “Sargeras’ own hound was maybe once a felstalker, but over the years the Dark Titan reforged and reshaped his companion into something much more powerful. When, at last, he was pleased with his creation, he set about creating more of the hounds, and imbuing them with shadow flame.”

Follow the fun-runs🎈 channel for more fun achievement events and more!

Glory of the NYA Raider!

This past week, Sloppy Seconds the Slitheriest (sp?) of Snakes, hosted an achievement run for Glory of the Ny’alotha Raider! This earned the participants the Wriggling Parasite mount – a favorite to both Clumsi and Andramantis for obvious reasons! πŸ†

With the caption “It’s so wiggly! Just looking at it move is chaotic and unnerving,” by observing it’s muscly and ribbed body (uWu) couldn’t make it be more true. Congratulations to everyone involved and for Izzacangel for arranging it!

Rat Race 2 Recap

The second great rat race was another banging success. πŸ’₯ The little furry devils traversed through the bejeweled streets of Silvermoon into the war-torn lands of Hillsbrad Foothills. Their obstacles were many – they first had to navigate the streets of Silvermoon (honestly, they couldn’t figure it our without markers), pass through the chilly lands of Ghostlands, and survive the many undead and worgen of Plaguelands and Silverpine Forest. There was only one first place winner though, who maintained an enormous lead throughout the entire event… the winners are πŸŽ‰:

  1. Smudgeqt
  2. Pawlabean
  3. Speedycake

The Prizes

First place won the Sylverian Dreamer mount 🦒. Second place won Twilight, the store pet. 🐈 And third place won a free 15 mythic+ carry! Congratulations to our second rat race participants! 🧑

Carapeace, SS ed.

Slooopy Doocends did it again! On the last pull of the night, the tentacle-y pool boy went down – Carapace that is! πŸ¦‘

The big bad took 97 or 98 pulls, I can’t remember because I had too many whiskies last night. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ Regardless, congratulations SS and be prepared to wipe 200+ times on the final z’addy of the expansion… the make-you-oof overlord himself, Clums… N’zoth!

No pandas were hurt in the creation of this article