Operation: Sunstrider, RF1 ed.

RF1 strikes again after blazing through Castle Nathria faster than Arthas sacked the Eastern Kingdoms! But instead of burning the place to the ground, they saved the Son of Silvermoon! He was almost a kinky anima fountain for Zaddynathrius – his kinks know no bounds. ⛓️

Opting for the “blow your load” double Resto Shaman with Ascendance build – they were able to push through and soak that fiery daddy all the way to the finish line. 🌊 Congratulations RF1 and good luck on the rest of your progress!

Isn’t Sooshi adorbs!? πŸ’–

AoTC, M Shrekwang and Huntymanz, MM ed.

Minutes to Midnight (the team formally known as Sloppy Seconds and formally known as Weekend Warriors) knocked out a few important milestones this tier! They downed Zaddynathrius and got AToC and started their foray into mythic waters! It was a successful evening, they recleared mythic Shreekyweeky and DESTROYED Huntydaddy in just 2 pulls! πŸ™€

It was a night full of excitement… and then wiping our asses so hard that nothing was left. Thanks, Hungering Holestroyer. HD is definitely a step up in raid coordination compared to the last two bosses where baiting and immunity soaking trivializes certain mechanics. Instead, team members have to leech heath from other members while avoiding high debuff stacks themselves. 🩸 MM is opting for the 4-tank strategy, popularized on Reddit, where tanks assume the leech rotation which frees up the DPS to tunnel, something even Clumsi can do. Bless.

Again, congratulations to MM! There’s around 3-5 more months of this tier so let’s see how far they get!

Shadowlands First Donation Event Winners!

Shadowlands has been out for a month, and its first donation drive is now over. This was a triumphant start to the expansion for the guild! πŸ’°πŸ₯˜ Daily Dose tabs 1 & 2 are completely filled! Resources also have been distributed to the raid teams.

So without further delay, our first SLs Donation Drive Winners areπŸ“£:

  1. Crezzis with 2,173,370 points
  2. Panda with 1,319,400 points
  3. Rageborne with 700,000 points
  4. Profit with 400,000 points
  5. Andramantis with 168,462 points
  6. Sakazakii with 137,498 points

This was a tremendous turn out! Thank you everyone who donated! MYTHICC appreciates everyone of youπŸ™.

The PrizesπŸ†

Crezzis & Rageborne both won AOTC carries! Panda won 2, 14 Mythic+ carries! Profit, Andramantis, & Sakazakii all won 1, 14 Mythic+ carry each! If you’d like to receive some prizes in the future, make sure to participate in the next one. Lookout for the any upcoming donation events. Their announcements can be found in the #event-pings❗ and in our blog.

Huntyman Downed, PW ed.

PW strikes again! This time against the eviiil Huntsman and his 3 hungry bears – but actually we’re probably happy he’s gone because he can’t abuse animals anymore, right? Even more so, PW proved they could manage the additional soul rips where every sinseeker after bearo numero dos spawns extra healy adds. πŸ™€

They’re comp is listed below:

  • Tanks: Demon Hunter, Monk
  • Healers: Druid, Paladin, Holy Priest, 2 Shamans
  • RDPS: Druid, 3 Hunters, Mage, Shaman, 2 Warlocks
  • MDPS: 3 Death Knights, Paladin, Warrior

Impressively handled and well executed! Congratulations on your progress and good luck on Hungry Voidroiddaddy.

Huntsman And Devourer Hunted, RF1 ed.

The tier is here and RF1 plowed ahead and claimed kills on both Humpsmen and Dadvourer! πŸ†πŸ˜‰

Since being widely recognized by the community that CN is in fact a daddy issues raid tier (with Daddynathrius on top uwu), RF1 is forcing their way to the end to claim their prize. There’s a PS5 waiting for everyone at the end but be careful – Prince Renethal gonna steal yo man!

Congratulations to RF1 on their progress and good luck going into Sun King!… he iiis technically a Blood Elf though… so maybe not save him?… but a cool Belf… I’m so conflicted… 🀷

Introducing Minutes to Midnight

The raid team formally known as Weekend Warriors… I mean Sloppy Seconds.

Why the change?

We decided to have a raid name closer to how we raid. We usually tend to get our Prog Boss kills last pull of the night. Also to remove the suggestion of “A” & “B” teams aspects, which confused potential recruits. So goodbye Sloppy Seconds… you dirty whore! But mainly welcome M2M(Men to Men) *Wink wink* Clumsi and Marci. 🀀 Sorry got lost in thought! I mean Minutes to Midnight!!

When do they raid?

  • Tuesdays, 8-11pm CST
  • Sundays, 8-11pm CST

Are you interested in applying to the team? Visit the recruitment page to get started today!

RF1 Gets AoTC

β€œDefy Revendreth? I AM Revendreth!”

The first “Ahead of the Curve” was claimed this expansion by Raid Force One! Opting to finish heroic before delving into mythic progression, RF1 spent several raid nights perfecting the dance downstairs which seemed to do the trick. Daddynathrius gave out some of his PS5’s to RF1 his sugar babies, although I don’t recall if I saw any trinkets, oh well. Daddy giveth and Daddy taketh. Remornialess, congratulations to RF1 and it’s hardworking members! πŸ—‘οΈ

Bootygoblin, a RF1 raid officer, was kind enough to put together a kill video! Fire mage POV of course. My favorite part is Kurrs nerdgasming at the end, check it out below! πŸ”₯

Swreckedwing, PW ed.

The first mythic kill of our guild has been claimed by Prestige Worldwide! Batting out the doors at warp speed, this new raid team downed poor blind baby, Adorbswing πŸ¦‡, in just 5 pulls! Below, you can see the roster used for the kill and damage profile of the roughly seven minute encounter:

  • Tanks: Demon Hunter, Monk
  • Healers: 2 Priests, 2 Shamans
  • RDPS: Druid, 3 Hunters, 2 Mages, Shaman, 2 Warlocks
  • MDPS: 2 Death Knights, Paladin, Rogue, Warrior

Currently, PW is trying to secure Ahead of the Curve, finishing the second week of raid release at 10/10 normal, 7/10 heroic, and 1/10 mythic. Sludgefist has proven to be a bit of a wall but nothing PW can’t conquer (have you seen Limit’s mythic kill? It’s crazy!). Congratulations to PW on your first mythic kill and here’s to many more! ✨

The Great MYTHICC Bakeoff Winners Are…

Welcome Bakeoff participants! MYTHICC was pleased to host our first annual Bakeoff in co-sponsorship with the Weekly Disappointment community. There were many beautiful entries but alas, only three could win. Before we announce our busy bee bakers, let’s do a recap of what all was done:

  • Participants baked anything… yes, anything… but preferably baked goods
  • Judges reviewed all entries and gave blind scores based on Creativity, Presentation, and Uniqueness

Without further ado, here are the winners and event picture highlights:

  • Kalilolamb at 45 pts with her cataclysmic Maelstrom Cake, “Azeroth probably felt that one!” – Taru
  • Marcescens at 38 pts with his spirited Peppermint Macarons, “That’s a lot of green.” -Izzac
  • Starflower at 34 pts with her delightful Pineapple Upside-down Cake, “Them cherries be poppin’!” -Kasp

Nailed It!

Inspired by the show Nailed It! on Netflix, we gave our more adventurous bakers a self-serving challenge; could they replicate a difficult cake? The winner also won a copy of the “World of Warcraft Official Cookbook!” They had to pick from one of the following cake options: an angel, a penguin, and a Christmas tree!

Our winner for the Nailed It! category was… πŸ₯

Anarane with her amazing replica Christmas tree! πŸŽ„ Judges were dazzled with the detail work: the star appearing lit, the snow dusting, and an almost exact plating! Congratulations, Ana and special mentions to Starflower with her Nailed It! penguin – the fondant work was impressive, especially the ornaments!

The Prizes

Each one of our winners will take home the “World of Warcraft Official Cookbook!” Weekly Disappointment community sponsored additional awards to some of our winners:

  • Shadowlands: Base Edition
  • A store mount
  • A store pet

These prizes will be distributed pending review. A huge thank you to all who participated in the first event like this of its kind. We’ll see you all at the next GREAT MYTHICC BAKEOFF! 🍰

Shadowlands Donation Drive

Welcome to the Shadowlands everyone and what better way is there then to kick off the new expansion with a donation event! Let’s hop right into it.

Event Details: 11/29 to 12/31 midnight PST (2am CST/3am EST)

Donations to: Lavellb or Lavellc with the mail subject as “GBANK DONATION CONTEST.” Additionally, raiders may donate directly to their raid teams by submitting their goods into the team’s guild bank tab. If done this way, raiders must submit screenshots to Lavella and their raid leader.

Be warned that point values may fluctuate over the course of the event so refer to the #event-pings❗ channel in Discord for up-to-date point values and tallies.


  1. A full heroic raid carry or four m+ 14’s. The guild will also pay for your first fully ranked legendary
  2. “Ahead of the Curve”carry or two m+ 14’s. The guild will pay for your first legendary through ranks 1-3
  3. One m+ 14 and the guild will pay for your first legendary through rank 2.

Get donating now! ✨