DORvanas and RIP BAMN

The pic above is definitely not DOR… because we forgot to take a photo of our kill so here is one from BAMN. πŸ™ƒ

On the last pull of the night (why is this still a thing because I feel like it’s a thing), DOR tightened up their mechs and dawned the Belf pewpewing guns to shoot down the Banshee Queen. And much to our surprise, we did it! Heroic progression is now over for this weekend team. Congratulations DOR and helpers (Zal hpal extraordinaire). πŸ’—

BAMN Lost The Drip πŸ’¦

Unfortunately, the drip stopped dripping for BAMN and the roster boss won the war yet again. Mythic raiding is both a joy and a curse in that there is a particular “high” when a boss is defeated… yet finding a consistent 20-man raid to make that happen is an uphill battle. Mythic raiding has existed since Siege of Orgrimmar (the first M raiding difficulty) and before that it was 25-man heroic raids. I’m sure rostering since then has always been the final boss, but with everything going on at Blizzard now and current disliked power systems, it makes for a recipe for disaster. Players have been leaving the game in droves. πŸ™€

Youtube content creators suggest that over half of the player base have quit since SL launch, and most of those creators themselves moved on to other projects like FF14. Until Blizzard is able to accommodate their disenfranchised employees and create enjoyable content, the likelihood for players to return is very low. Hopefully the new management co-leads, Ybarra and Oneal, can steer the company back into a good direction. Already, major PTR changes have been announced suggesting that player feedback is being taken into account. The things that frustrates players, however, is that these changes were suggested by them during SL beta. Now that they’re happening a year later is hitting hard. I tend to agree with the general air of things, and while I can argue that game developers should be allowed to present their vision of their game for us to play, ultimately it’s the players that have to live through these systems. And when that feedback has been historically ignored (Legion: purchasable legendaries; BFA: azerite gear, islands, war zones, purchasable corruption), player-to-developer trust erodes – faith in that relationship just isn’t there anymore.

Looking ahead, most of these changes will vastly improve the quality of life of the expansion. I guess tomorrow is when the trusty Data-miners at WoWhead will gift us with a lot of exciting news. I do have a wish list though that’d I’d scream if I saw happen…

Taru’s Wishlist

  • Legion Mage Tower – able to do the mage tower to get the now-gone appearances but only during Legion timewalking.
  • Legion M+ gear scaling – make m+ gear from timewalking actually useful so it’s worthwhile content.
  • Pandaria Challenge Modes – able to do the challenge modes to get the now-gone class tmog sets but only during Pandaria timewalking.
  • Make now-gone mounts available during those timewalkings like the Pandaria pheonixes.
  • Go crazy with the allied race customizations! This is an MMO after all. I want to be able to change my jewelry color on my Panda characters, right?
  • Legacy Raid Tuning – make getting tmogs easier, add a legacy loot currency you can spend to buy missing pieces!
  • Make covenant swapping easy and painless – make reknown an afterthought and not a barrier to player power.

And that’s it, see you all on the de other side! πŸ’ƒ


BAMNalama stared the bull right in its eyes and well… won? Yes! BAMN took down the Eye of the Jailer and seriously facook that guy, he is super annoying and I think we’re all glad he left the Maw at the start of 9.1 and then gets smashed. πŸ‘οΈ

Not much else to be said here other than BAMN is now 2/10M and plowing through steadily – the new domination socket system has slowed down progress as people still gather gems and gear slots. Hopefully, the Blizzy dev’s will make this gear more accessible since it’s more than a 1k DPS gain for many players. Regardless, congratulations to BAMN and looking forward to the Nine! πŸ‘ΌπŸ‘ΌπŸ‘ΌπŸ‘ΌπŸ‘ΌπŸ‘ΌπŸ‘ΌπŸ‘ΌπŸ‘Ό

A whore chart is attached below for those basic beeches who need to parse their big feet:

BAMN Takes Down The Grue

BAMN’s first foray into mythic proved that the big and indomitable Grue was no match for them. Not only did Jujubae int the raid by taking lUmBErInG FoRM to parse, but so did Barnacleboy…. maybe??? Hella sus… Led by Ginko and co., the drip was far too much for our good boy Grue to handle. RIP Grueboi. 😿

BAMN is making considerable progress – after defeating Kel’thuzad, they’re now 9/10H, a modest 1/10M (eyeball boss is a little 🀷), and server top 100. So what did BAMN do next? They got to work on heroic Sylvannas.

The Banshee Queen is a noticeable step up in difficulty compared to her normal counterpart. How so? Everything slaps much harder and the spell lag is real. What’s interesting to note is that her encounter mirrors the Lich King’s – we’re on top of Torghast much like how we fought Arthas on top of Icecrown Citadel. Geographically, Torgy and ICC are poised opposite of each other in that we can see Torgy from Icecrown and vice versa. Story wise, the fight is a major culminating moment much like Arthas’s was, too.

Without spoiling the end of the raid (I don’t know how you wouldn’t know by now), I’m curious to see where the story goes next! Sylvannas’s character has been an enigma for the past 2-3 (or mooore) years without any clear direction where it’s going. The player is left to piece together bits of narrative after major events which makes it difficult to follow and emotionally invest in. Hopefully, the new spin is one that sticks and that the narrative dev’s include the player in the thought processes of some of these major characters, instead of us having to guess it. Like… do we really know what Sylvannas is doing yet?

Also here is the parse log for the Grue, boom roasted you lumbering trolls. πŸ‘»