The DORs Get AoTC, DOR ed.

Claiming their first AoTC in MYTHICC, the DORs did NOT get on their knees for Daddynathrius… but I’m not sure why not, prudes. With help from members of RF1 and MM, Sire proved he was all talk and no game and eventually fled in to Remornia, our new Shadowlands waifu knifu. 🗡️ One day we’ll get the RP that supposed to play at the end of the raid, I’ve only ever seen it once out a lot of kills and I don’t remember how he dissolves into Remrem… I guess we’ll never know.

This was a long time coming for them, having recently moved from a 1-day schedule to a 2-day with the expectation to go into mythic soon. For now however, DOR is still recruiting for regular roster members. Reach out to Wellfleet for more info! Congratulations DOR! 🚪

Introducing De Other Raid

Major news coming from leadership at MYTHICC! We are proud to announce our newest raiding team to our family, De Other Raid! Led by Wellfleet and Co., DOR is a heroic raiding team that dabbles in mythic.

When Do They Raid?

  • Saturdays from 7:00-11:00pm CST
  • Sundays from 2:00-5:00pm CST

What Type Of Team Is This?

DOR is an AOTC driven heroic raiding team that raid up to 6 hours a week. They set aside Sundays to finish loose ends from the previous evening, however, this will change when KDSI wraps up. Sunday afternoon raid times will move to Thursday evenings. This change won’t conflict with any other major guild events so members won’t have to choose between KDSI Season 2 or anything else the guild currently hosts.

The goal for DOR is to offer a midweek and weekend semi-hardcore raiding experience so that the rest of the week is free to be with friends or family. DOR raiders are expected to be informed about their class/spec, have consumables and enchantments, and adequate raiding knowledge.

Why Choose This Team?

DOR offers something the other two raiding experiences in the guild don’t – a more laid-back approach to raiding and a less grueling schedule. RF1 and MM would be considered “hardcore” since their raiding expectations and outside-raid requirements must remain competitive. Ultimately though, this is what sets DOR apart from our other groups:

If you want to kill bosses while having fun, keep most of your week free, and be done early enough in the evening then this team is for you!

Check out our raid teams page for more information!