Byeee’mox, MM ed.

Midnight to Minutes did it again! Living up to their name in every way, MM struck down the greedy thief during the last pull of the night! Somehow our seed handlers didn’t chi portedo, blink, disengage, or soul shape into traps. 😿This was definitely a feat of strength for some, especially Mayunie. His fat panda definitely did that several times… as well as the game literally inting on some pulls – he’d stand on top of the seeds with no cursor indicator anywhere to pick them up, thanks Clumsi! πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ I’m sure there were other instances of seed mishaps but I could only remember my own because CHI PORTEDOing into improperly executed mechanics is so extra and I am that extra. 🀚✨

The best part was that Xy’daddy went down in what felt like only one raid night??? We spent a half a day on him on Tuesday and then a full raid night on him the following Sunday. So let’s say it was one raid day’s worth of time, kek. πŸ™ˆ The video is below, courtesy of Izzacangel! No Beethoven this time. Congratulations, MM!

More images to come! I have to find the person with our group photo!

Lady I’annoya Derpvein, MM ed.

Defeated by the forces of love πŸ’–, rainbows 🌈, and kitty toe beans 🐾, MM prevailed against that nasty Lady D and her anima canisters (still the best guild name never used). With her out of the way, Daddynathrius’s plans were halted – preventing more anima from bleeding out into the Maw and into Andy’s mouth.

Some of the fun encounter highlights for me was that amount of people zipping in and out doing their “lines”… something Clumsi is a pro at. πŸ‘ƒ

Watch out kill video below in a true dramatic Beethoven fashion, courtesy of Izzacangel:

Saving Private Kael’thas, MM ed.

Kael’thas Sundaddy was saved by Minutes to Madness… Men… Midnight on Sunday! Opting for the single tank strat (DHs are broken), they heal zerged with 2 restoration shamans, 2 holy priests, 1 restoration druid, and 1 holy paladin. πŸ’š

The healers and PI bots pumped their love juice into KD (Kael’daddy), until he was uWu refreeeshed. But the highlight of our most recent reclear was something none of us expected – the return of Izzacangel’s ‘sOaK’ vocal cry. For those that don’t know, Izzac suffers from Chokesondixia, where the throat randomly goes crazy and words filter through as though he is choking. Before his diagnosis, we all first noticed it during NYA progression, notably on Hivemind. Thankfully, he’s worked through it and is an advocate for Chokesondixia awareness. πŸ†

Below is MM’s first KD takeup??? Technically, we don’t takedown since we just heal him and slap him around a bit so it’s whatever. βœ‹ Enjoy!

M2M Booty Absorber Destroyed Edition.

Minutes to Midnight scored another Mythic kill after Barnacle yeeted everyone with beams. Clumsi finally quit using his 🐒 to sit on Devour’s face, to get da πŸ‘ consumed! Marci is going to be pissed… or into it πŸ”₯. Awesome job M2M! Now 3/10M CN. They will be starting to work on the Portal Ethereal Xy’Mox πŸ•³οΈ. Stay tuned for more Clumdump shaming πŸ’‹.

AoTC, M Shrekwang and Huntymanz, MM ed.

Minutes to Midnight (the team formally known as Sloppy Seconds and formally known as Weekend Warriors) knocked out a few important milestones this tier! They downed Zaddynathrius and got AToC and started their foray into mythic waters! It was a successful evening, they recleared mythic Shreekyweeky and DESTROYED Huntydaddy in just 2 pulls! πŸ™€

It was a night full of excitement… and then wiping our asses so hard that nothing was left. Thanks, Hungering Holestroyer. HD is definitely a step up in raid coordination compared to the last two bosses where baiting and immunity soaking trivializes certain mechanics. Instead, team members have to leech heath from other members while avoiding high debuff stacks themselves. 🩸 MM is opting for the 4-tank strategy, popularized on Reddit, where tanks assume the leech rotation which frees up the DPS to tunnel, something even Clumsi can do. Bless.

Again, congratulations to MM! There’s around 3-5 more months of this tier so let’s see how far they get!