Huntyman Downed, PW ed.

PW strikes again! This time against the eviiil Huntsman and his 3 hungry bears – but actually we’re probably happy he’s gone because he can’t abuse animals anymore, right? Even more so, PW proved they could manage the additional soul rips where every sinseeker after bearo numero dos spawns extra healy adds. 🙀

They’re comp is listed below:

  • Tanks: Demon Hunter, Monk
  • Healers: Druid, Paladin, Holy Priest, 2 Shamans
  • RDPS: Druid, 3 Hunters, Mage, Shaman, 2 Warlocks
  • MDPS: 3 Death Knights, Paladin, Warrior

Impressively handled and well executed! Congratulations on your progress and good luck on Hungry Voidroiddaddy.

Swreckedwing, PW ed.

The first mythic kill of our guild has been claimed by Prestige Worldwide! Batting out the doors at warp speed, this new raid team downed poor blind baby, Adorbswing 🦇, in just 5 pulls! Below, you can see the roster used for the kill and damage profile of the roughly seven minute encounter:

  • Tanks: Demon Hunter, Monk
  • Healers: 2 Priests, 2 Shamans
  • RDPS: Druid, 3 Hunters, 2 Mages, Shaman, 2 Warlocks
  • MDPS: 2 Death Knights, Paladin, Rogue, Warrior

Currently, PW is trying to secure Ahead of the Curve, finishing the second week of raid release at 10/10 normal, 7/10 heroic, and 1/10 mythic. Sludgefist has proven to be a bit of a wall but nothing PW can’t conquer (have you seen Limit’s mythic kill? It’s crazy!). Congratulations to PW on your first mythic kill and here’s to many more! ✨

Introducing, Prestige Worldwide!

Major news coming from leadership at MYTHICC! We are proud to announce the newest mythic raiding team to our family, Prestige Worldwide! Led by Zid and Chankla, PW is a cutting edge oriented mythic raiding team:

What Days Do They Raid?

  • Wednesdays from 7:00-11:00pm CST
  • Thursdays from 7:00-11:00pm CST

Is This A Hardcore Team?

Yes, PW is a cutting edge progression team. They raid for 8 hours a week and keep their Tuesdays available for players to use at their discretion. Why are Tuesdays free? They’re clear so that it doesn’t conflict with the other raid teams in the guild but also allows members some flexibility with their weekly reset. Got home late and you want to see what’s in your mythic+ box? No worries, go do that! Want to run a normal or heroic raid that day instead, go for it!

Ultimately, the goal for PW is to offer a midweek hardcore raiding experience so that your weekends are free to be with friends or family. PW raiders are expected to perform at their best and be amply prepared with this extra time.

Why Choose This Team?

MYTHICC offers 2 other raiding experiences, one with Raid Force One and the other with Sloppy Seconds. All 3 raiding teams in the guild are mythic raiding teams with CE as the final goal. But this is what sets PW apart from our other groups:

If you want a lengthier raid night, want to keep your weekends and reset day free, and want to be done early enough in the evening, then this team is for you!

Check out our raid teams page for more information!