SL fells the Razzle Dazzle

Last Sunday, Swipe Lefties downed the thunder bird, Razzlewing, after several dazzling attempts. Raiders were not pushed back by her tempest wing, and instead yeeted the birdy off her own platform securing the kill. When interviewing members after the win, Asimage couldn’t help himself and screamed, “Yasssss mama yasssss, we got her! HOYAAAAAAAAAA!” Other raiders cried out a very emotional and powerful display of gamer AoTC release. It was a marvelous moment shared with the team.

A special thank you to members of our other raid team coming in and helping land the kill with us! Looking at you, Dyson and Brad on their thicc evokers, Dysagosa and Nutsardragon. 🦎🦎🦎 And a special thank you to Cobie as well, rocking the pre re-work ret Paladin energy.

Nerf mage! JK.

Swipe Left Gets AoTC

Last night, after a grueling tier, Swipe Left knocked out their second AotC. With humble beginnings in Sanctum of Domination, the team stepped up to the challenge in SFO and defeated nipple zaddy man. The nerfs to Jailer were very noticeable and probably more in-line with where he was supposed to be when compared to previous tiers like Antorus. Unlike that tier, we don’t have an infinitely scaling power creep and we’re currently at the same gear/ilvl as the world first raiders were when they got cutting edge. The nerfs were 100% necessary as this was the most over-tuned raid in modern WoW history–it has the lowest heroic clear rate since WoWProgress started logging.

Here’s a look at the SL roster for the night! “Hunters” represented the majority of the damage for the evening, topping the first 5 spots of logs–and then there’s Googlimoogli being the loner of the warrior union. We’re still waiting for him to go “NYAAAAA!” when he hit’s his battle shout button… he does his best to ruin all of our immersion.

Congratulations to Swipe Left and keep a lookout for them in S4! 🥳

SL Downs The Bansheequen

SL knocked it out of the park and got AotC last Sunday, 10/3! This officially ends their first tier as a raid team. Asking Googlimoogli what he thought of the fight, he said “I was too drunk to remember!” A great RL everyone… 👏👏👏 They also forgot to give me a ‘kill’ picture probably because the fight is so long and also so annoying… that they forgot! SHAME! 👻 Also… no log… I hate you all.

What’s Next?


Who Sucked The Most Dookie Poopoo?

Lion clearly took first place here, followed closely by our fan favorites Kalanee and Jarkatel. They’re excused, however, as Lion is a Canandiyan and therefore is not human so he is unworthy of any respect. 🍁

Stay tuned for more ‘firsts’ with SL and if you’re interested in raiding heroic casually but wanting to get shit done, apply!