Introducing Minutes to Midnight

The raid team formally known as Weekend Warriors… I mean Sloppy Seconds.

Why the change?

We decided to have a raid name closer to how we raid. We usually tend to get our Prog Boss kills last pull of the night. Also to remove the suggestion of “A” & “B” teams aspects, which confused potential recruits. So goodbye Sloppy Seconds… you dirty whore! But mainly welcome M2M(Men to Men) *Wink wink* Clumsi and Marci. 🤤 Sorry got lost in thought! I mean Minutes to Midnight!!

When do they raid?

  • Tuesdays, 8-11pm CST
  • Sundays, 8-11pm CST

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Carapeace, SS ed.

Slooopy Doocends did it again! On the last pull of the night, the tentacle-y pool boy went down – Carapace that is! 🦑

The big bad took 97 or 98 pulls, I can’t remember because I had too many whiskies last night. 🤷‍♀️ Regardless, congratulations SS and be prepared to wipe 200+ times on the final z’addy of the expansion… the make-you-oof overlord himself, Clums… N’zoth!

No pandas were hurt in the creation of this article

Mr. Il’gy No Here, SS ed.

Oops! Sloppy Seconds did it again! Having ventured deep into the void hole of Ny’alotha, they defeated (in a fair 20 versus 1 tree tumor 🎄 gone ‘roid eyeball zaddy yas me hard) Il’gnyoth thus making them officially, 10/12 mythic progression!

The keen eye will see that the above picture is very much not Il’gynoth but his apprentice and lover G’huun. We forgot to take a picture with Zaddy so a Vulpera entering G’huuns gaping mouth hole will have to do. 🤷

Tune in as SSs pushes progression. Will they make cutting edge or will they fall flat because we’re fat? Who knows! 💖

Vexvexvexiona, SS ed.

Sloppy Seconds did it again! On reset day, the void dragon had her wings clipped… and then we took all her loots! This all didn’t come without some hard salty man sweat and tears. Many people decided to “LEROY JENKINS” themselves (yeet 🤷‍♀️) into what I am now referring to as the “Butthurt Smash.” The Butthurt Smash took the lives of many of our raiders for oh so many pulls.

May these individuals live in shameful infamy 🙏… I’m on there, too, you just can’t see me because author privilege.

Regardless of our team’s shortcomings (Clumsi), since SSs went to a 2-day raid night, we’ve taken down 4 more bosses, something I thought not imaginable if we were still a 1-day raid team. Congo-rats to SSs for a deserving take-down on the void mama herself; 9/12 mythic! 💖

Xany and Raden Down, SS ed.

Sloppy Seconds zoomies into 8/12 mythic having defeated both Xanash and Ra-den! They would have downed Xany 💊 the week before but were ROBBED after Bnet services crashed causing them to call raid early. Thankfully, Ra-den didn’t take SSs too long to learn. It took only one night of progression to bring down the mad titan, rest his tortured zaddy soul. 🙏

We ended up kiting him (thank God we have a Demon Hunter tank) until 40%, completely avoiding the 3rd set of orbs. There were many vitas and voidies to be had by very thirsty raiders… Andy… 🤦‍♀️ you bring shame to us all.

If you’re curious about our mapping for Ra-den, look no further! Courtesy of Izzacpally. These positions made handling the very fast–paced mechanics with ease.

And our routes for Xany were:

Going forward, SSs will be taking on Vexiona 🐉 then spiraling down into the voidy abysses of Ny’alotha to Il’gynoth, Corruption Reborn. Time will tell how long he takes but SSs is on a path to success! Except for Clumsi, he’s toxic. ☠️

Introducing Sloppy Seconds

The raid team formally known as Weekend Warriors underwent a much needed face-lift (cuz we ugly 😿)… they’ve been renamed, Sloppy Seconds! SS had their “inaugural” run last night and recleared 6/12 M! A huge feat for them considering *cough cough Shad’har* tends to take them out to dinner and never call them again. Sad times we know.

Why the change?

Since Weekend Warriors opted for a two-day raid schedule, they changed their name to better reflect their new identity: they no longer raid just on the weekends! 🍻 Having a second day is both attractive for recruitment and allows for more time to progress.

When do they raid?

  • Tuesdays, 8-11pm CST
  • Sundays, 8-11pm CST

Are you interested in applying to the team? Visit the recruitment page to get started today!