DOReyeball Thingy

DOR went eye…. to… eye………………………… with 👁️ ball boss and won! We actually remembered to take a photo this time so that much was nice. The fight itself sucks major monkey balls mostly because of the intermission phases but it only took’m one time getting to P3 to down him. Thankfully, I did not get yeeted off the side by my cat since I wasn’t playing my MW and aaacccidentaaally chi topedo’d to my doom.

Congratulations DOR! Btw, they got the Nine down to 15% in just 1.5hrs of progression. It should go down this week!

Rat Race Recap

The Rat Race 🏁 was a HUGE success. The little furry army made their way from the great gates of Orgrimmar all the way down through the blistering dunes of Tanaris. They braved countless obstacles – they fell into the lava ridden chasms of Southern Barrens, were eaten alive by rabid monsters, and others were bamboozled by their own friends. It was fun to see Vulpies who had major leads fall behind drastically while others had a “nose for trouble” and found their way to first! Here are our winners 🎉:

  1. Bootyfurry
  2. Jadewaddles and Furrycake
  3. Pawlabean, Dvinestarfox, and Holyfox

The Prizes

First place won Squeakers, the trickster! Second places winners won Dottie, the most important pet for any true Vulpera. And 3rd place winners won a free key carry on a character of their choosing! Consolation prizes go out to all our other participants! 💎