Introducing Sloppy Seconds

The raid team formally known as Weekend Warriors underwent a much needed face-lift (cuz we ugly 😿)… they’ve been renamed, Sloppy Seconds! SS had their “inaugural” run last night and recleared 6/12 M! A huge feat for them considering *cough cough Shad’har* tends to take them out to dinner and never call them again. Sad times we know.

Why the change?

Since Weekend Warriors opted for a two-day raid schedule, they changed their name to better reflect their new identity: they no longer raid just on the weekends! 🍻 Having a second day is both attractive for recruitment and allows for more time to progress.

When do they raid?

  • Tuesdays, 8-11pm CST
  • Sundays, 8-11pm CST

Are you interested in applying to the team? Visit the recruitment page to get started today!

Drest’aNOPE, WW ed.

Weekends Warriors was successful, having plunged into the depths of Ny’alotha to deworm the monstrous Drest’agath on Mythic difficulty πŸ›. It took WWs 3 nights of extended progression to accomplish their feat, securing the team 6/12 M progression!

Everyone contributed to a clean kill except for…πŸ₯… Googlimoogli!

Googlimoogli channeled his inner inting energy and just before he died he screamed “screw all you guys, I’m going home!” With tears in our eyes, we applauded his thoughtful gesture and proceeded to sacrifice him repeatedly using the Ritual Drust Knife toy. Thank you for the kill Googli!

WWs will be going to a 2-day raiding schedule starting Tuesday, June 23rd. The new schedule will look like this:

  • Tuesdays 8-11pm CST
  • Sundays 8-11pm CST

If you’re interested in raiding with Weekend Warriors, reach out to an officer on how to apply or follow this link to the recruitment page.

Bug Splat, WW ed.

Weekend Warriors got deci… decimated Hivemind on Sunday making them 5/12M 🍻! This is the farthest into a tier WWs has been, which is even more special considering that they’re only a one-day mythic raiding team. Even more impressively, by the end of the night everyone became ball dodging legends, except for these hookers:

Obviously, the shamans sucked but not as bad as the Paladian 🍁. He let more balls hit his face than anyone has ever seen before, and with passion. Clumsiest joined him because he felt left out and he also likes balls 🀀.

Stay tuned as WWs will take on Xanax πŸ’Š, the Dark Pill Inquisitor, after a short reclear next week. Hang on to your pandas!

El Doggo De No’moro, WW ed.

Weekend Warriors did it again! They defeated the big bad boy himself, Shad’har, the Insatiable Doggo 🌭. This officially makes them 4/12 mythic with the heaviest melee comp known to man… I don’t know why but people insist on playing melee when ranged is far superior I guess πŸ’…. We’re now realm 75th which is impressive for a one-day raiding team! Congratulations Weekend Warriors – except Clumsiest… he’s way too toxic.

Mopped Up Maut, WW ed.

This past Sunday Weekend Warriors defeated mythic Maut πŸ₯‚! WWs started their mythic adventure time pushy push just a week ago taking out Wrathion and Skitra. And now, “just after one night of progression” they defeated the big obsidian daddy. They’re continuing their mythic push going into either Hivemind or El Doggo de Shad’har 🐢! Here is a beautiful group photo of us after a great raid night πŸ’–!

Clumsiest, our resident elemental shaman or something like that, requested that I do a shout out to him. Congratulations, you did such a good job. LiΓ°nheart and Beastarcana can’t wait to see you wreck it again… πŸ‘

Thank you Weekend Warriors for a great Sunday run and don’t forget, we’ll be rotating in our full roster gradually so everyone can get the fat loots and the kills!

Weekend Warriors Defeats Mythic Wrathion and Skitra!

On Sunday, Weekend Warriors ventured into mythic taking out 2 bosses! Anduin’s “daddy simulator”, Wrathion πŸ‰, and the bug lady who has no real story purpose other than to drop the fat caster loots, were defeated. But what’s even more impressive is that Skitra took only one pull – so I can totally use “just after one night of progression” again, meme in sepia, 2019.

Here are some of our kill pictures with absolutely no bosses in them because Blizzard likes to make their corpses disappear before I realize that we needed to take one 🀷. I have the brain farts, whatever.

In Skitra’s room a lone Tauren tried to do the Care Bear Stare but forgot which way the photo was being taken. We will try to right this wrong when we kill Maut! In the meantime, congratulations Weekend Warriors and see you next Sunday!

Weekend Warriors Gets AOTC!

On Sunday, Weekend Warriors triumphantly struck down the final Old God on Azeroth, the tentacled and massive z’addy, N’Zoth πŸ™! Even more, WWs achieved it’s goal of getting “Ahead of the Curve” for every raid tier this expansion πŸŽ‰!

Having been formed back in Uldir, WWs didn’t have the easiest raiding experience. The team almost fell apart in Winter 2018 (Uldir was that long ago πŸ™€) when the previous raid leader and GM stepped down. There was an entire guild restructuring process during that time and the roster was pretty weak going into the Battle of Dazar’alor. Nonetheless, WWs bounced back and clapped Jaina Proudmoore off her ship. Crucible of Storms proved challenging with it’s interesting raid mechanics and an infuriating last boss, Uu’nat – one of the most over tuned raid bosses in WoW’s history. Unfortunately, the Eternal Palace was not as exciting and as beautiful as one would expect from the lavish Queen Azshara. Yet the last encounter with her was an extremely memorable battle not seen since Gul’dan and Blackhand. How cool was it that she used us to free N’zoth? For WWs, Ny’alotha was exciting, very purple πŸ†, and with many bug-o’s to smash-o or burn-o. It’s been a fun time raid leading all of you πŸ’–! Except you Lionheart, no love for Canadians… maple syrup drinking moose hugger.

Looking ahead, WWs is starting mythic progression and is continuing heroic reclears. Stay tuned for progression notifications!