KDS and Key Teams

Keystone Dream Squad

Tired of pugging and getting frustrated with failed keys? Are you interested in a community of skilled m+ players? MYTHICC is delighted to host our very own key pushing community, Keystone Dream Squad! 🔑

KDS is a members only rank meaning that it’s our way to assist key pushers to find each other more easily in Discord. Build your groups from the beginning successfully.

To be a part of our key pushing community in Shadowlands you must apply through Discord and:

  • Have a 1850 or higher M+ score
  • Have a thorough knowledge of dungeon mechanics, skips, and class ability awareness
  • A non-toxic and a team oriented attitude

Much like raiders, KDS members can expect:

  • Guild repairs
  • Daily guild bank withdraws
  • Invitations to dungeon specific events like KDSI

Key Teams

MYTHICC is home to several key teams listed below:

  • Fluff Force Five🦊 – Five mighty foxes fight against the other lesser humanoid races for control of Azeroth. Only by allying with the Tauren and Pandaren do they have the strength for the coming war with the evil Blood Elves. It falls on the fabulous and floofy shoulders of the furries to save the world! Do you have what it takes? Join Fluff Force Five now!
  • The Mushroom Network🍄 – Poisonous air and ichorous stalks… how did I get lost here? This isn’t a normal shroom… Why can’t I… I can’t get out of this ring? Where did I leave my wings? Inspired by the wilds of Ardenweald, The Mushroom Network is a well-connected system ready to meet any occasion. Their major goal is to snag Keystone Master every season then grow to mutinous heights and beyond! Do you dare stand with them in the ring?
  • Light Strats🌞 – Born to go fast… and some might even say too fast, like the speed of light, Light Strats demolishes keys at all levels. By using Light’s big brain strats, prepared routes are perilous and take players to the edge of the universe. Somwhere far far away, someone listening very carefully can hear Juju Skywalker say “Shovel can’t heal prides.”