Key Ranks

Tired of pugging or getting frustrated with keys failing? Are you interested in a community of skilled M+ players? MYTHICC is delighted to host our very own key pushing community, Keystone Dream Squad! 🔑

Our key rank is a “member’s only rank” meaning that players must reach a certain mythic+ score to be eligible. It’s also our way to assist key pushers to find each other more easily in Discord. We encourage you to build your groups from the beginning, successfully.

To be a part of our key pushing community in Dragonflight (Season 1) you must apply through the #get-key-roles channel of Discord and have the following scores:

  • Keystone Dream Squad: 1600+

Additionally, we ask that you have a thorough knowledge of dungeon mechanics, skips, and class ability awareness, and foster a non-toxic and team-oriented attitude.

Much like raiders, members of the key ranks can expect:

  • Guild repairs
  • Daily guild bank access
  • Invitations to dungeon specific events like KDSI
  • Access to private Discord dungeon voice channels