Key Ranks

Tired of pugging or getting frustrated with keys failing? Are you interested in a community of skilled M+ players? MYTHICC is delighted to host our very own key pushing community with our key ranks: Keystone Dream Squad, Lil Glock Flock, and Baby Birds! 🔑

Our key ranks are a member’s only rank meaning that it’s our way to assist key pushers to find each other more easily in Discord. Build your groups from the beginning successfully.

To be a part of our key pushing community in Shadowlands (Season 4) you must apply through the #apply-to-keys channel of Discord and have the following scores:

  • Keystone Dream Squad: 2000+
  • Lil Glock Flock: 1400-1999
  • Baby Birds: 1000-1399

Additionally, we ask that you have a thorough knowledge of dungeon mechanics, skips, and class ability awareness, and foster a non-toxic and team-oriented attitude.

Much like raiders, members of the key ranks can expect:

  • Guild repairs
  • Daily guild bank access
  • Invitations to dungeon specific events like KDSI
  • Access to private Discord dungeon voice channels