Keystone Dream Squad

MYTHICC operates a key pushing community so we’re constantly running dungeons! If raiding is not your forte and you’re more interested in keys, we have a rank for you! Keystone Dream Squad is a high IO members only rank. That way key pushers can find each other more easily.

To be a part of our key pushing community, you must have:

  • Minimum 1800+ io score
  • Experience running each dungeon beyond a 15 in time
  • Geared alts for dungeon flexibility

Additionally, we host friendly key team skirmishes for fun prizes! Check the #keys-team-bios channel in Discord to find a key team you’d like to join!

Key Teams

MYTHICC currently houses 5 key teams and the requirements for each team vary. Please see our Discord channels for further information.

  • Fine China – Delicate and alluring, Fine China, will fill your tea cup with imagination and timed keys! Fine China’s members have a deep appreciation for non-Western cultures and they hope that you do, too! If you want to break some pottery (keys), consider doing it with them!
  • Fox Force 5 – Five forceful foxes fight for their lives against the other lesser races of Azeroth for complete control. Only the tauren and the pandas “can band together” (are allowed) with the Vulpera to unite against the evil Blood Elf menace. Only the furries can save Azeroth! Do you have what it takes? Join Fox Force Five now!
  • Keystone Mamas – Based out of Maine for whatever reason, Keystone Mamas eats lobster rolls and only wears pink on Mondays. They get their nails done daily and wear 5-inch heels while doing laundry because they have standards. If you want to smash keys while also smashing your face into bottom shelf wine, this group is for you!
  • Key Team 6 – Are you a high IO player? And by high I mean like really really high, 3k IO high. Then Key Team 6 might be the team for you! The ‘special forces’ of the key pushing community, KT6 will down your black hawk faster than Panda can int your key.
  • MYTHICC Black – Coming soon in Shadowlands!