About Us

Who We Are

MYTHICC was formed in 2017 when Ascendant and Inertia merged guilds. Our founding was brought about when both teams were in need of more members for their raid groups. Since then, we’ve become more than just a typical raiding guild. MYTHICC is a place where strong friendships are forged and even love has blossomed. We don’t consider ourselves just a guild – we consider ourselves a family. Like in any family, we treat each other as valued partners in our continued success.

MYTHICC is a place for you. Whether you’ve been playing World of Warcraft for the last 15 years, a returning player, or a fresh-faced newbie, we can accommodate you. This is due to our ongoing desire to grow our community while showing the world that World of Warcraft isn’t a toxic wasteland. As a result, we have become a safe haven for anyone who has ever been persecuted in a raiding guild, or in life, for being different. We have a zero tolerance policy on racism,  sexism, homophobic, and other offensive types of speech and expect our members to adhere to the same code of conduct. We want you to feel welcome here.

Where We’ve Been

Throughout WoW’s expansions, our leadership directed raid teams to success. From Black Temple all the way to the Eternal Palace, we understand what it takes to get the job done. Prior to the guild merger in Legion, we cleared large portions of mythic content leading up to Antorus where we achieved a respectable level of progression. We take the same motivation and attitude into the every new raid. We continue to push ourselves to reach higher each tier with a crew that is ready to go that extra mile… facing whatever is in front of us.

Where We’re Going

MYTHICC has set several goals we adhere to while we continue our progression each tier. These are as follows:

  1. To create a community of people that enjoy playing together and that do not view raiding with each other as a job, but rather as a privilege.
  2. To create an environment of growth instead of stagnation. We push our new players and challenge our older players to continue to be better every day.
  3. To achieve as much progression as possible through serious raiding and offer an alternative to those who don’t wish to, or cannot, dedicate the time to raiding as seriously as they’d like.
  4. To do this without compromising our beliefs that everyone is an equal partner in success and everyone deserves a chance to shine in their roles.

If you are a part of MYTHICC, you know these are the things that our leadership team strives for. If you ever feel like this is not the case, you should let us know.