Code of Conduct

Every member, especially leadership, is expected to adhere to the following standards. MYTHICC holds itself to a high standard of keeping offensive messages out of our in-game channels and voice over IP communication systems.

💎No member is to use abusive language or post imagery that is offensive, such as: pornographic images, racist, sexist, or homophobic remarks, and things meant to insult those with disabilities, or mocking religious observations. Offensive messages will be deleted and can result in removal from the guild.

💎Members are welcome here from the latest born player to the most seasoned veteran. Lighthearted ribbing is allowed but no member should be subject to prolonged harassment. We encourage growth and it’s every member’s duty to help foster that growth.

💎Members are held accountable for their actions. If you see a conversation that does not belong in our community, it is your duty as a member to report it to officers. Taking part in something is just as bad as starting it and may result in similar consequences.

💎Guild drama is outlawed and publicly arguing about something in a manner that could be considered hostile is forbidden. If you have an issue with a member of our guild, do your best to resolve it privately. If the issue escalates, contact a member of our officer team for mediation.

The most important things are to be your best person and to have fun in this game we love to play (or hate💀). If you need assistance with anything, don’t hesitate to ask officers for help!

Following this CoC will ensure your prolonged involvement with the guild and access to all the benefits we provide.